Sean Connery comments about women

On Saturday, the world lost a true legend with the death of the original James Bond himself, Sean Connery, who passed away in his sleep at the age of 90. Cancel culture is targeting Sean Connery, despite the fact that he is dead, over comments he made about women during an interview with Playboy decades ago .

Sean Connery’s Playboy Interview Comes Back To Haunt Him

Page Six reported that social media users have turned on Connery after an infamous interview he did with Playboy Magazine in 1965, a full 55 years ago, resurfaced. In this interview, the actor made some shocking comments about hitting women.

“I don’t think there is anything particularly wrong about hitting a woman, although I don’t recommend doing it in the same way that you’d hit a man,” Connery said at the time,  adding that an  “opened-handed slap” is “justified” if “all other alternatives fail and there has been plenty of warning.” 

“If a woman is a b****, or hysterical, or bloody-minded continually, then I’d do it,” he continued. 

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Total 180

Connery’s views on this evolved quite a bit over the ensuing decades.

In 1987, he appeared to stand by the initial comments he made in 1965. 

“I haven’t changed my opinion … If you have tried everything else — and women are pretty good at this — they can’t leave it alone,” he told the journalist Barbara Walters at the time. “They want to have the last word and you give them the last word, but they’re not happy with the last word. They want to say it again, and get into a really provocative situation, then I think it’s absolutely right.”

Six years later, however, Connery claimed that his initial comments were taken out of context.

“I was really saying that to slap a woman was not the crudest thing you can do to her,” the James Bond actor told Vanity Fair in 1993. “I said that in my book — it’s much more cruel to psychologically damage somebody … to put them in such distress that they really come to hate themselves.”

“Sometimes there are women who take it to the wire,” he added. “That’s what they’re looking for, the ultimate confrontation — they want a smack.”

By 2006, Connery had done a complete 180 on this issue.

“My view is I don’t believe that any level of abuse against women is ever justified under any circumstances. Full stop,” Connery told the Times of London.

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Cancel Culture Takes On Sean Connery After His Death

Despite the fact that Connery’s views on this issue evolved and he eventually changed his tune, the unforgiving world of cancel culture is still gunning for him even after his death. 

“Sean Connery was an actor loved by many,” one woman tweeted. ‘He was also an abuser, a misogynist and an advocate for violence against women. The system enabled him to have a long and illustrious career. It’s ok to critique that.” 

“Sean Connery seemed cool. Unapologetically beating women is not cool,” tweeted former “West Wing” star Bradley Whitford.

Others came for Connery’s head as well, even though he is no longer with us:

Sean Connery’s initial comments to Playboy in 1965 were undoubtedly salacious.

But, over time, his views evolved until even he saw the error in his ways.

This just goes to show that at its core, cancel culture does not believe that people can change overtime and learn from their past mistakes. 

This also shows just how ridiculous cancel culture really is, as all of this came up after Sean Connery was already dead.

Why would anyone waste their time trying to “cancel” someone who has already passed away? It’s pointless!

These self-righteous social media users aren’t actually hurting Connery at all, as he is at peace now and can’t see the nasty things they are saying about him.

Instead, the only people they are hurting are Connery’s family, friends, and fans who just want to grieve him in peace. What a shame for everyone involved.