Farmer Who Flies Trump Flags Has $400k In Heavy Equipment Ravaged By Suspicious Fire

Politically motivated arson is suspected after a Nebraska farmer's harvesting equipment caught on fire after flying Trump flags.

Last Thursday, Nebraska farmer Jonathan Rempel got a call from the Fire Department informing him that his harvesting equipment (some of which sported Trump flags) was on fire. His combine, tractor, and two semis all went up in flames at the same time even though they were properly distanced from each other in a remote field.  Trump flags were flying from the combine, causing some to speculate this could have been politically motivated arson.

As awful as this is, the way the community has rallied around this fourth generation farmer is heartwarming. 

Trump Flags Flew On Jonathan Rempel’s Combine

When Rempel received the early morning call from the Sutton Volunteer Fire Department, the farmer was told that his heavy equipment had all caught fire in the remote cornfield “at about the same time.”

Adding to the suspicious nature of this being a politically motivated attack, Rempel states the chances of someone finding where the equipment was parked were “about none.”

At first glance, this very much feels like an attack on his free speech since he supports President Trump. 

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Tragically, the firefighters were unable to save any of the expensive farm equipment.

Rempel’s loss is expected to be between $300,000 and $400,000. And the timing couldn’t be at a worse time.

Community Rallies Around Nebraska Farmer Following Tragic Fire

Rempel needs to harvest his crops. In three days time, a GoFundMe to help replace the farmer’s equipment has raised over $65,000. 

From Omaha World Herald:

The combine had two Trump flags on it, but Rempel declined to say if that was a factor and declined to speculate whether the fire was intentionally set.

“You tell me,” he said of any political motivation, adding that he’s letting investigators determine what happened.

On Monday, Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts mentioned the investigation into the fire when asked at a press conference about vandalism being done to Trump flags and other political signs.

Ricketts called for civility in respecting people’s political views. He said those who vandalize political signs were “anti-American” and “people who hate our country.”

“We’ve got to remember, we’ve got to live together here,” the Republican governor said.

Farmers Are Helping Harvest Crops

Fortunately, Rempel’s crops generous farmers will harvest his crops.

The response has been so overwhelming that has fielded calls from Kansas and North Dakota.  

Farmers understand the immediate need to harvest and they are stepping up in tremendous ways.

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Tuesday, Rempel was able to use a borrowed combine to work his land. But, big help comes on Saturday when six to ten combines will arrive.

The political divide has become so great that a farmer can’t even fly his Trump flags on his combine.

Our farmers work so hard to put food on our tables. If it weren’t for the compassion and generosity of fellow farmers and people donating to the GoFundMe, this attack would be incredibly catastrophic. 

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