WLC: Lethwei Showcase’s Nico Mendes Welcomes Prodigy

Nico Mendes takes on a teenage prodigy this coming Friday night for World Lethwei Championship at WLC: Lethwei Showcase.

Nico Mendes knows what it takes to become a world champion.

Mendes will take on teenage Muay Thai prodigy Saensuek this coming Friday night for World Lethwei Championship at WLC: Lethwei Showcase.

The bout serves as the co-main event for the night, airing live on UFC Fight Pass, Canal+ and to over 100 countries through various broadcast partners. Antonio Faria defends his WLC light welterweight title in the main event against Francisco Vinuelas.

Mendes presents a difficult opponent for just about anybody, using his lanky frame and extended range to keep opponents at bay. 

At the same time, the Spaniard can pick his foes apart from a distance because of that range and frame. 

Over the years, those aspects of his fight game have allowed Mendes to find much success. He is a former International Federation of Muaythai Associations champion and also a Golden Fight Tournament champion. 

The IFMA includes over 130 countries spanning five continental federations, bringing together the best of the best in the sport. Mendes rose to the top, and now he’ll look to do same in WLC.

Mendes competed a couple of months back, earning a knockout over Petchmanee Sor Jor Judie Yasthon in Muay Thai. He also scored a victory in the same discipline against Stephen Primrose back in 2017, claiming a first round finish. 

Along with Faria vs. Vinuelas and Mendes vs. Saensuek, the WLC: Lethwei Showcase event also features Leehaney Henrique vs. Vladimir Shulyak, Saw Hla Min vs. Yoel Paique, Pha Kyaw Hae vs. Bandasak, Petchnaree vs. Miriam Sabot and Jay Chay vs. Elamghari Ayoub. 

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