Fabricio Werdum: “Everybody” Wants to See Him Fight Fedor Again

Having wrapped up his UFC contract with a win over Alexander Gustafsson, Fabricio Werdum's made it clear he'd love to fight Fedor Emelianenko again.

It’s not clear what’s going to come next for Fabricio Werdum, now that he’s finished his UFC contract. But ‘Vai Cavalo’s’ thinking what a lot of folks are: how about a rematch with Fedor Emelianneko?

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Werdum says “everybody” wants to see him rematch Fedor

The 42-year-old Werdum faced Alexander Gustafsson on Saturday at UFC Fight Island 3, and once again, his galaxy class jiu-jitsu was on display. After taking the former light-heavyweight contender down, it wasn’t long before Werdum rolled into a fight ending, armbar.

The victory took place in what was the final fight of Werdum’s current contract, so of course, he was asked about his future afterward.

When asked about the possibility of fighting Fedor again, who Werdum submitted back in 2010, ‘Vai Cavalo’ made it clear he’s on board (quotes via MMA Junkie).

“This is 100 percent (true),” Werdum said. “I want to fight with Fedor, 100 percent. I respect him a lot. I want to give this opportunity to him to fight with me again.

This has history: Me vs. Fedor in 2010. Ten years later, everybody wants to see this fight. I don’t know where, but for sure I want to fight with Fedor because I respect him.

In my mind, he is the best in the world.”

Could this happen? Fedor has two fights remaining on his deal with Bellator, and you would think the promotion would love to have the rematch take place under their banner.

After all, Werdum is a former UFC heavyweight champ, and Emelianenko is one of the greatest fighters of all time.

Werdum’s next promotion?

Of course, in order to make a rematch with Fedor happen, it would mean Werdum wouldn’t return to the UFC.

Leading up to UFC Fight Island 3, it was reported that Werdum said his future plans wouldn’t include the UFC. But, following his latest win, Werdum didn’t completely close the door on his Octagon return.

“The emotion was because this is my last fight in the UFC,” Werdum said. “I had many years with the UFC. I don’t know how many I had with the UFC, like 10 years (or) 12 years.

You know? I’m a working individual – on Spanish commentaries. I think almost all of my life was here. I love UFC for sure. I want to say thank you to the UFC for many things.”

But when asked outright, if his run with the UFC is over, the Brazilian star said this:

“I don’t say ‘no’ because I have to talk to (my manager) Ali (Abdelaziz) first.”

So, we’ll see what happens here. But considering Werdum’s previous comments, his wish to fight Fedor, and what stage his career’s in, it would be kind of surprising if he returns to the UFC.

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