Lori Loughlin Massimo Giannulli guilty

Aunt Becky is heading to jail. The “Full House” actress accepted a plea deal for 2 months in prison in order to avoid a possible 40 year sentence for bribing her two daughters’ way into USC. But, the extraordinarily light sentence has many people upset that Lori Loughlin got special treatment because she is a celebrity. 

Jail Time And Fines For Operation Varsity Blues

Loughlin’s husband’s sentence was slightly harsher than hers, but not by much. Designer Massimo Giannulli will be behind bars for 5 months. He has to pay a $250,000 fine for his role in the case while the actress has to cough up $150,000.

The couple were accused of paying $500,000 and falsifying sports resumes for their daughters to gain entry into the prestigious college.

Her defense had crumbled and she was looking at some serious jail time so she took the deal of a lifetime.

BACKSTORY: Lori Loughlin Is Going To Prison – Finally Agrees To Plead Guilty


Lori Loughlin took a beating on Twitter when the news of her plea deal was released. ‘Aunt Becky’ began trending as she was being ruthlessly ridiculed.

Of course, “Full House” fans remember Aunt Becky’s very brief time behind bars. It foreshadowed what was to come. 


The sentence is remarkably short. It’s hard to believe that she wasn’t given special treatment because of her wealth and fame. Any regular person would have had the book through at us for bribing a school.

This is a serious crime but Loughlin isn’t doing serious time for it.

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“Full House” is one of the longest running and beloved television shows of the 80s and 90s. There are many memories to draw on to ridicule Loughlin about her prison stint.

Her typical wholesome character on the show is a sharp contrast to her current situation. 


There won’t be many outfit changes in prison. Laughing better get used to wearing orange. Hope orange looks good on her. 

Trevor Noah Mocks Lori Loughlin And Her Prison Plans

“The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah mocked the actress. “So disappointing,” Noah said. “Yet another rich white famous lady getting sucked into the prison system. You hate to see it.”

Noah also said this is the perfect time for Loughlin to go to jail with coronavirus raging in prisons. So many prisoners are being released so they don’t get the deadly virus in the cramped quarters behind bars.

The comedian believes Aunt Becky has a plan for escaping jail entirely.

“Knowing Aunt Becky, she’ll probably pay someone to take her coronavirus test for her,” Noah said in the video below. 

Time will tell if Loughlin and Giannulli do fulfill their sentences. As light as they are, these two shouldn’t get a pass.

But, celebrities often don’t have to follow the same rules as the rest of us do. 

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