Chuck Woolery

In the liberal world of Hollywood, it’s rare to find any openly conservative entertainers create long-lasting careers in the industry, as they often end up being blacklisted. That’s what makes what legendary game show host Chuck Woolery has done so incredible.

Woolery Says He Deserves An Award For Surviving In Liberal Hollywood 

Woolery, who is best known for hosting game shows like “Love Connection” and “Lingo,” has managed to survive in Hollywood for over 45 years. And, that’s despite being a proud conservative who isn’t afraid to express his support for President Donald Trump.

On Wednesday, Woolery took to Twitter to say that he actually deserves an award for managing to survive in a radically leftwing industry for this long. 

Social Media Users Agree With Woolery

Social media users agreed that Woolery does indeed deserve an award: 

Woolery Opens Up About His Struggles Supporting Trump In Hollywood

Woolery has long been open about the struggles he has faced as a Trump supporter in the closed-minded liberal entertainment world. Last year, he tweeted that his career has suffered over the past few years due to his support of the president. 

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Woolery later explained to Fox News that he was shocked that this tweet went viral.

“It was kind of a self-deprecating tweet I sent out because I know I’m shadow-banned. I’ve got about 650 or 700,000 followers,” Woolery said. “I know the half of them don’t get what I say. So I sent this thing out just as kind of a test — because it made me look [like] I was losing in life. And it just went crazy — it was the biggest tweet I ever had in my life. So as long as you’re a loser they love you.”

Too Much Cancel Culture

He went on to blast the “cancel culture” that has been perpetuated by American liberals who want to silence anyone who does not see the world in the way that they do.

“These people sit in their basement, and they make it look like there are thousands of people complaining about Chuck Woolery or about the products and who he represents — and ‘how could you let this fascist, racist guy represent your company’ — when none of it is true,” he added. “And these are the same people, by the way, who I get on Twitter [saying] ‘I watched you when I was growing up. I loved you… What happened to you?’

“Political discourse in America has gotten so out of control that it’s emboldened people to ruin the lives of those they disagree with,” Wollery concluded. 

It takes a lot of guts for Woolery to be as open with his conservative views as he is. In the end, we would have to agree that he does indeed deserve an award for surviving in Hollywood this long! 

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