Tyson Fury's Wrestling Career

Tyson Fury is all for taking on the new WWE heavyweight champion Drew McIntyre.

McIntyre, who won the title from Brock Lesnar Sunday night at WrestleMania 36, was a guest on talkSPORT from the United Kingdom when he offered up his services to face Fury.

Fury cemented his spot atop the boxing world when he finished Deontay Wilder earlier this year.

As for McIntyre, he wants Fury after taking on former English soccer star Chris Sutton.

“When it gets backs to normal, the next thing I want to do is fight Chris Sutton,” McIntyre said (thanks to Wrestling Inc. for the quotes). “You set it up. Finally, when everything gets back to normal and I can get back to the UK and parade about with the belt, the last thing I want to do is have the match with Sutton. You’d be in my corner.

“I know Tyson Fury is on the show today, as well. I need to bring up Fury because he was talking trash about me, so I know he’s coming on the show. Tell him ‘I saw what you said about me.’ He didn’t care who won the match (between Lesnar and I), he thought I was going to win and thinks he can smash me. Just let him know ‘Fury I’ve won the championship, now I’m paying attention to you’. After I beat Sutton, I’m coming for Fury.”

“(McIntyre) has call me out after his WWE Wrestlemania 36 victory, first I say congratulations and what a fantastic job,” Fury wrote. “Secondly I accept his challenge, anytime any place, anywhere.”

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