MMA On Instagram: Conor McGregor, Paige VanZant, Jon Jones

See what is going on and on the mind of Conor McGregor, Paige VanZant, Ronda Rousey, Jon Jones and others via Instagram this past week.

We move into another week of no-UFC, no-Bellator and pretty much no-MMA. But we still have Instagram, as COVID-19 can’t take that away from us – yet.

Included in the latest posts from athletes of the MMA world: Paige VanZant finally got her cast removed, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones got in some “backyard therapy” and Ronda Rousey is now a gardener?

“CAST IS OFF 100%!!!! LET’S FREAKING GO!!!! Training is in full effect (in my garage with my husband) lol First thing first, let’s heal the world, after that I’m coming to fight.”

“I cannot get Italy out of my thoughts. Praying daily for this great nation that brought the world such amazing things. From it’s people and their culture. To it’s architecture and design. Its style! It’s cuisine! It’s art! The list goes on and on and on! Italy and it’s people are class personified, through and through. ‪Lord Jesus please save Italy and it’s people today and everyday here forward”

“I also discovered that I’m a rapper. Mixtape dropping soon. What quarantine talent have you discovered?”

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🇵🇱. Co słychać?!💕 Wciąż walczę z jet lagem, więc obudziłam się dzisiaj w południe🙈 Ale jestem już po dobrym trening kardio – 7 km, dwóch wywiadach online i jestem gotowa do studiowania online.📚 Zajęta jak zawsze nawet podczas kwarantanny.🦠😃 Bądźcie bezpieczni!✊🏼 Kocham was wszystkich i dziękuję za wsparcie.❤️🙏🏼 Jesteśmy w kontakcie💋 Jak się czujecie?😉 🇺🇸. What’s up?!💕 Still fighting with jet lag so I woke up at noon🙈 But did a nice cardio run – 7km, two online interviews and I’m ready to do my studies online.📚 Keep on busy during quarantine.🦠😃 Be safe guys!✊🏼 Love ya all.❤️ Thank u for the support.🙏🏼 Talk to ya soon.💋 How are ya feeling?😉 💚 @monsterenergy 👚 @nike 👸🏻 #joannastyleIG #OLSZTYN #homesweethome #iamback #imback #monster #monsterenergy #nike

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w/ @kellybroganmd , plus Hormones, Natural Medicine & Online Censoring If ever there were a good time to talk to an expert in navigating “Germ Theory” and Forced Vaccines, it’s right now! In this episode we explore how we turn “Dis-Ease” into “DISEASE” and what we can do now to begin reversing it. As a board certified psychiatrist, she knows better than most that conventional medicine really only offers one single solution to every symptom: a prescription. Through naturally healing her own diagnosis, and despite years earning her medical credentials, she’s broken free from a life dependent on pharmaceuticals and is on a mission to help people get happy and healthy without drugs. Also board-certified in integrative and holistic medicine, and as a Kundalini Yogi, she’s navigated the many dark spirals of her own awakening process. And now, a natural health advocate, she’s challenging the status quo and empowering people to open ourselves to whole-person-healing, something that western medical culture has, quite literally, vaccinated us against! In this conversation we cover how focusing on our hormonal health could be the key to healing our mental and physical ailments. We dive into how shadow work, living your yoga, and choosing the right diet could be most of the what sits between you and an aligned life. And as our interview wraps up we broach the truth about Natural Medicine, and why it’s creating a war on information, sparked by the Online Censoring via Google and the like, plus what we can do to reclaim our right for free information. Her passion for her work is made clear as she rallies against the standards set by western medicine and big pharma, and emboldens us with tools for our own positive transformation. Episode 65 of @themajichour 💜💜🔮

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