Jon Voight Calls For Americans To Pray With Him: ‘We Will Rid This Virus, We Will Be Strong’

Jon Voight, one of the few openly conservative Christian actors in Hollywood, just publicly prayed to God to wipe out the coronavirus.

Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight, one of the few openly conservative Christian performers in Hollywood, just publicly prayed to God to wipe out the coronavirus and to help the human race survive this pandemic. Public prayer is frowned upon these days and so Voight’s open and humble call to God is quite moving.

Jon Voight Prays To God

81-year-old Voight posted a new video to YouTube late Tuesday night in which he asks God to “give us light to shine on our souls so we way may be strong to fight.”

“This nation is under God, with liberty. Joshua has lifted his ark and will show his kingdom that this virus will not wipe out his men,” Voight began. “He will battle to the end and he will show Jesus the prayer.” 

The actor continued: 

“Oh mighty, oh Lord. Bring us to our feet to love you more. Oh Lord, oh our Savior, teach us more, but lift this veil over our heads and wipe away this curse that has taken us down with fear. Oh Lord, give us peace on our holy land, give us peace for our children and elders. Oh Lord, give us light to shine on our souls so we may be strong to fight. Oh Lord, we are all one with you.

My fellow Americans, we will rid this virus. We will be strong because we are the greatest gift to mankind. We are all Gods’s children. God bless this nation and the entire creation. And may God protect our president and his family. Love to you.”

Hollywood seems to be more liberal and secular than ever before these days, which makes this Deliverance actor such a rarity.

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Not only is Voight unafraid to publicly express his Christian views, he is also willing to express his support for President Donald Trump. That’s serious considering his public support could also hurt his career.

Jon Voight Praises Trump For Coronavirus Response

Earlier in the evening on Tuesday, Voight spoke out to praise President Trump for how he has handled the coronavirus pandemic.

“Listen, the President and the Administration are doing a wonderful job,” Voight said while out in Los Angeles, California. “We are very fortunate to be in this country and be taken care of as we are.”

“We have wonderful medical people around our Vice President, who are really doing a tremendous job,” Voight added. He is, of course, referring to the expert team assembled by Vice President Mike Pence, the head of the nation’s coronavirus response task force.

More Celebrities Need To ‘Come Out’ As Conservative Christians

Hollywood has gone so far left these days that just expressing support for Trump and Christianity is considered a career risk.

So we applaud Voight for bravely speaking out about his conservative Christian views. We only wish that more celebrities would have the courage to do the same.

Now, more than ever, we need to turn to God for his help in this devastating crisis. It may not be easy, but God will get us through this. 

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