Italian Priest Dies Of Coronavirus After Giving His Respirator To Younger Patient

An Italian priest known for his charity died from coronavirus after giving up his respirator so a younger patient could live in Italy's Lombardy region.

All of Italy now mourns a hero priest for his selflessness act to save a younger coronavirus patient. Father Giuseppe Berardelli gave his own ventilator – and life – to save a stranger in Lovere, Bergamo. This Italian priest is one of the many heroes stepping up during this global pandemic.

The whole world is watching Italy right now as they struggle to deal with this crisis. Respirators are in short supply and hospitals are overwhelmed.

Parishioners were concerned about Father Berardelli. He had an underlying health concern and was also high risk due to his age. So the parishioners banded together to get their beloved 72-year-old priest his own respirator as he struggled to breathe after contracting coronavirus. 

Berardelli was the main priest in the town of Casnigo. Residents of the town reportedly applauded from their windows and balconies as his coffin was taken for burial. There was no funeral.

This loving priest is one of 60 priests who have died from coronavirus in Italy to date. Father Berardelli sadly joined their ranks after giving his life to save another. 

Patron Of Those With Coronavirus

From The Daily Mail:

The extraordinary case was revealed by Jesuit priest James Martin, from the US, who is also a consult to the Vatican’s Secretariat for Communications.

Italian news magazine Araberara first reported the story.

Berardelli – a well-liked priest who had underlying health conditions – was remembered for his charity and his love of motorcycles.

Praising him on Twitter, Martin wrote: “Greater love has no person…” (Jn 15:13)

‘He is a “Martyr of Charity,” a saint like St. Maximilian Kolbe, who in Auschwitz volunteered to take the place of a condemned man with a family, and was killed.

‘Don Giuseppe Berardelli, patron of those who suffer from coronavirus and all who care for them, pray for us!’

Berardelli is among at least 60 priest in Italy who have died from coronavirus after the Pope called on them to ‘have courage’ to attend the sick.

Some 5,476 people have died after testing positive for coronavirus across the nation, with more than 59,000 cases of the virus confirmed. 

This priest lived his Christian faith until his dying breath. He has inspired Italians and people around the world with his heroic act. This final sacrifice cost him his life but saved another. His parishioners have lost a great and selfless spiritual leader. 

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Pope Francis has encouraged priests to continue fulfilling their vows during this pandemic. He hopes they all “have courage and visit the sick.”

60 Italian Priests Have Died Of Coronavirus

The Lombardy region in Northern Italy has been hit very hard by the coronavirus pandemic that started last year in China.

More than 60 Italian priests have died after contracting coronavirus. They have been on the front lines administering last rites to dying parishioners. Many of the deceased were over 70 years old. And, some of them had underlying health conditions.

From Catholic Herald:

The youngest priest to die from COVID-19 in Italy was Fr. Paolo Camminati, who died in the hospital on March 21 at age 53.

Fr. Camminati was known for his dynamic youth ministry, service to the poor, work with Catholic Action, and passion for the mountains. He was the parish priest of Our Lady of Lourdes in Diocese of Piacenza, where five other priests with COVID-19 have died.

God bless Father Berardelli for his sacrifice. May he, all the other priests, and everyone taken by this brutal virus rest in peace.

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