Dana White Says he Knows Where UFC 249 Will be Held

Dana White has repeatedly said that UFC 249 will still go ahead, despite the coronavirus pandemic, and now he's reporting the card has a new location.

It remains to be seen if UFC 249 does indeed, take place next month. But, recently Dana White reported that the promotion has a new location for the April 18th card.

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White says he knows where UFC 249 will take place

Recently the UFC was forced to postpone March 21st, 28th and April 11th cards, due to the temporary bans on traveling and public gatherings, as a result of the coronavirus. All that time, however, White insisted that the UFC would move forward with UFC 249 and it’s all-star headliner between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson.

Well, nothing’s been announced yet, while talking to Kevin Iole recently on an Instagram Live session, White said he has a new venue for UFC 249 (quotes via MMA Junkie).

“I do (know where it is),” White said. “But I’m not ready to tell you yet. I know lots of things. … There’s not going to be any fans there. It’s going to be a closed event.”

Now, some might point out that just because the UFC has a new location for the upcoming card, doesn’t necessarily mean it will still happen. A lot could change in the coming days on account of the coronavirus.

But, if the UFC does have a venue booked, and if there are restrictions currently in place preventing the card from happening, obviously that would be a big step forward in making the card a reality.

White insists only willing people will be part of the card

The location and logistics of holding the event aside, not everyone believes the UFC should be holding a card, period. The argument being that in doing so, the promotion could be putting people’s health at risk, by helping spread the virus. 

But, while discussing that issue, White said this.

“Everybody who is going to be involved in this thing is going to be because they want to be, not because they have to be or they have to do anything,” White said. “Believe me: We didn’t just start thinking about safety when the coronavirus popped up. Health and safety, these are things that normal businesses that are out there right now don’t necessarily have to think about on a daily basis. Healthy and safety is something we’ve been doing long before the coronavirus and we’ll be doing it long after the coronavirus is gone. This is just normal (expletive) for us.”

So, we’ll see what happens. That answer, however, likely won’t silence critics who don’t think the event should be held in less than one month’s time. 

UFC 249 was initially, supposed to take place in Brooklyn, New York. But, public gatherings in the state were recently, temporarily banned as  a result of the coronavirus.

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