Coach “Definitely” Sees Conor McGregor Fighting This Summer, Possibly Against Justin Gaethje

There remains a lot of uncertainty about the UFC's upcoming schedule, due to the coronavirus. But, recently Conor McGregor's striking coach relayed that he believes the star will return to the Octagon this summer, and kickstart the MMA world.

No one can say for sure what’s going to happen in the coming weeks and months with the UFC’s cards, on account of the coronavirus pandemic. But, recently Conor McGregor’s coach reported he “definitely” sees the former champ fighting this summer, and spiking interest in combat sports again. In addition, the star’s longtime striking coach believes a McGregor – Justin Gaethje fight is a possibility.

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Owen Roddy believes McGregor will fight in July

Ever since McGregor stormed through Donald Cerrone in January, there’s been extensive talk about when and who he’ll fight again. After the win, Dana White said McGregor will face the winner of the still scheduled, April 18th bout between Khabib Nuramgomedov and Tony Ferguson. But, since McGregor has said he wants to have an active 2020 year, he’s also reported he doesn’t want to wait on the sidelines for the winner. The winner of that bout likely won’t be ready to compete again until later summer, early fall (and that assumes the coronavirus pandemic subsides).

Well, recently McGregor’s striking coach, Owen Roddy, spoke with ESPN’s Ariel Helwani. While talking about the possibility of McGregor returning to the cage, and jump-starting the UFC, Roddy said this (quotes via MMA Fighting).

“Most definitely. That’s the plan hopefully,” Roddy said. “Bring the UFC back to life as well with all these shows being canceled and stuff like that, I think a fight on July 11 would bring the UFC back to life and get everybody back on track. So my fingers are crossed and I’m sure the rest of the world fingers are crossed for that fight.”

So, this is interesting to hear and it’s keeping with previous statements McGregor and his team have made. It certainly looks like the star does not plan to wait for the winner of Khabib – Ferguson. Further, recently White reported that McGregor might not wait for another shot at the lightweight title.

And, you know the UFC would love to have Conor fight in the summer, and generate some big-time revenue, if the promotion’s unable to hold cards for the short-term future.

Against Justin Gaethje?

Gaethje has been driving for a fight with McGregor for quite a while now, and there’s no doubt that a lot of fans would love to see that happen. When Roddy was asked about a possible opponent for Conor, he was quick to name the former WSOF champ.

“Anyone to be honest but you know, maybe Gaethje,” Roddy said. “There is a lot of talk about Gaethje. I mean, he’s an exciting fighter, Gaethje. I would like to see it, I’m sure you’d like to see it, and I’m sure the rest of the world would like to see it. So yeah, potentially that, but to be honest, anyone. I know Conor is raring to go and everyone will be raring to go by the time July comes around.”

Sounds like a plan right? Here’s hoping the steps that are being taken to combat the spread of the coronavirus work, and we see a resumption of cards by this summer.

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