Ben Affleck on "The Way Back" and his Christian faith

Despite being divorced, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner maintain a united front with their three children by attending church together on Sundays. In a powerful new interview, Ben Affleck discusses his movie The Way Back, his Christian faith, and how it is helping him transform his life.

Christianity can impact our lives in massive ways. The Academy Award winning actor is not immune to that. He has publicly struggled with alcohol and it likely contributed to the downfall of his marriage. But, learning about God’s forgiveness is helping the troubled star battle his demons.

The Way Back And Affleck’s Addiction

His new movie The Way Back centers on a man named Jack Cunningham, played by Affleck, who is down and out after his marriage fell apart.

Jack Cunningham finds hope when he becomes the basketball coach at a Catholic High School where he once played.

Much like the actor portraying him, Cunningham struggled with alcohol and is seeking to make amends with those he hurt. The movie has strong Christian undertones about forgiveness and redemption.

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Affleck, who is Methodist, spoke with Los Angeles Pastor Erwin McManus while promoting the movie. He was brutally honest about how he finds hope in faith, which he found later in life.

The Gone Girl actor also explains how he has many questions about his faith but has learned that seeking answers helps him commit to being sober.

“Faith is something that I have, but has also been a struggle for me,” Affleck said. “Going to church, I really find Christian teaching beautiful and moving. And the hard thing for me is to really — when I struggle, when I suffer, when I see things that are painful, I have doubts.”

Christian Hollywood Actor

A newly sober Affleck described the humbling power of forgiveness we find in Christ’s love.

“One of the things that I found most beautiful about it, and I struggle with my faith, I struggle with belief, but I do see there’s something enormously beautiful and elegant about the notion that we are all sinners, and that it’s our job to find our redemption, to find God’s love, to redeem ourselves, to live the best life that we can, to love one another, to not judge one another, and to forgive one another,” Affleck stated.

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A video of this powerful interview can be watched in the video below.

47-year-old Affleck’s experience with addiction and hope mimics that of his character in The Way Back. Like Cunningham, he wants to make things right. Like his own life, Affleck says faith plays a crucial role in this story.

We applaud Ben Affleck for his openness in sharing both his addiction struggles and his Christian faith.

The Way Back opens in theaters March 6th. A trailer for the movie can be watched below.

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