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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will need to drop their “Sussex Royal” label if they want to have the financial independence that they claim to crave.

The Queen Blocks Harry And Meghan’s “Royal Sussex” Brand

Daily Mail reported that Queen Elizabeth and other senior members of the royal family have decided that Harry and Meghan should no longer be able to keep the word “royal” in their branding. This will undoubtedly come as bad news to the couple. They’ve already spent “tens of thousands of pounds” on a new Sussex Royal website to go along with their popular Instagram page.

On top of that, they also registered the label as a global trademark for various items “including clothing, stationery, books and teaching materials.” Now, however, Harry and Meghan will have to “re-brand.”

“After weeks of talks, the queen and senior officials are believed to have told the couple the term ‘royal’ is inconsistent with their ‘branding,'” media correspondent Neil Sean told Fox News. “This has not gone down well with the couple who truly thought they were fine with… re-branding themselves. Now the queen has other plans, too, which will make the ongoing push to be [independent] harder than they first thought.”

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Palace Sources Reveal All

Sean went on to add that he spoke to a palace source who told him, “They have not banked on this move at all from the queen. What she has effectively done is close down any type of royal branding. This will create problems, particularly in the U.S. where the term ‘royal’ means so much in terms of branding.”

“Now the bigger problem lies in how they plan to market themselves,” the source allegedly continued. “Without the royal label attached, they don’t look as lucrative to bigger brands with mega-money. And don’t forget, they can’t speak about their lives and times within the royal household. So what does that leave them to talk about which is worth any value?”

Despite the fact that the 93-year-old monarch has banned her grandson and his wife from using the royal label, another source said that the Queen wants this situation be solved quickly without any “legal wrangling.”

“The queen herself does not enjoy legal battles and always believed things like this should be resolved without the court being involved,” the source claimed

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“Don’t Mess With The Queen!”

Sean concluded by offering Harry and Meghan some advice when it comes to rebranding and to their dealings with the Queen.

“Maybe they now both need to take stock as to what they can sell to the world next without a royal endorsement” Sean said of Harry and Meghan. “But one thing remains — don’t mess with the queen!”

If Harry and Meghan want to leave the royal family so badly, they should not be allowed to use “royal” as part of their brand. Someone should tell the couple that they can’t have their cake and eat it too.

If they want to be commoners, they should not be allowed to market off the “royal” label any more than the rest of us could.

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