Jon Jones Outlines Why He’d “Definitely” go With Khabib Nurmagomedov in Conor McGregor Rematch

It remains to be seen if Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov will fight again. But if they do, Jon Jones has made it clear his money's on Khabib.

A lot has to fall into place before Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor fight again. But, if and when that happens, it sounds like Jon Jones isn’t expecting a very different result.

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Jones weighs-in on Nurmagomedov vs. McGregor II

Ever since Khabib submitted McGregor in their 2018 bout, there’s been talk about the two fighting again. Although Nurmagomedov controlled much of the fight, because the rematch would do massive business, speculation the UFC would pursue a rematch never died. Then, following McGregor’s win over Donald Cerrone last month at UFC 246, Dana White relayed that the former champ should fight the winner of the April 18th bout between Khabib and Tony Ferguson.

Well, while talking to TMZ Sports recently Jones was asked to weigh-in on a rematch between Khabib and Conor. Here’s what the 205 champ had to say (quote via MMA Junkie):

“I typically don’t go against wrestlers, if you were asking me as a betting man,” Jones said. “Wrestlers have the power to dictate where the fight goes – whether it’s going to be a standing match, or whether he’s going to take him to the ground and make it a jiu-jitsu match. I think the cards are always kind of in Khabib’s hands. Conor definitely has a chance. But if I would put my money on it, I’m definitely going with Khabib, for sure.”

Ya. A lot of people seem to be on board with Jones here. While it would be foolish to rule a McGregor win out on account of his power and striking, in Khabib, we’re talking about one of the greatest wrestlers and grapplers the game has ever seen. In their first bout, McGregor didn’t appear to have many answers for the champ’s takedowns.

But will a rematch happen?

If Khabib gets by Ferguson at UFC 249, you know buzz about him fighting Conor again will spike. But, Nurmagomedov has repeatedly said McGregor needs to record more wins before he deserves a rematch. Further, he’s also shot down the idea that money could get him to change his mind.

Case in point, recently his manager Ali Abdelaziz claimed that a group is willing to pay $100 million to have Khabib fight McGregor in Saudi Arabia. Nurmagomedov had this to say about that report (quotes from MMA Junkie, via RT Sport):

“Why do I need that kind of money?” Khabib relayed at a press conference. “There are so many organizations. For example, there’s not only football for the blind, there’s sambo and other sports. Let (the UFC) give it to them if they don’t know what to do with the money. But giving me $100 million for me to beat up that idiot again? I don’t think that’s rational.”

So, we’ll see what happens right? Could we see tensions rise between Khabib and the UFC if he beats “El Cucuy”?

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