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Liberals can’t stand it when a prominent actor doesn’t subscribe to their leftwing agendas. The backlash can be downright brutal. This is what Vince Vaughn is experiencing after chatting with President Donald Trump and the First Lady during Monday night’s college football national championship game.

Vaughn has described himself as a Libertarian in the past. That was scandalous enough for Tinseltown but Vaughn has now put a target on his back. Just speaking to the President of the United States while in a private booth is enough to potentially ruin a Hollywood career.

Trump Derangement Syndrome

Former Deadspin employee Timothy Burke tweeted a video of this encounter and wrote, “I’m very sorry to have to share this video with you. All of it, every part of it.”

Trump Derangement Syndrome is such a powerful infection that the left can’t even allow someone to be be a mature adult and be polite to our own President. The cancel culture of the left is in full force and they now want Vaughn’s career on a platter.

“Sad. Vince Vaughn is one of my favorites,” someone tweeted. “I always knew he was Republican but this, so gross. I don’t need a Wedding Crashers sequel anymore.”

“I’m not angry about Vince Vaughn, just profoundly disappointed,” another liberal wrote. “And I want nothing more to do with him. Once upon a time I found him quite entertaining. Not anymore.”

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There is a side of Vince Vaughn that many Americans don’t know, but they should. The Couples Retreat actor supports our troops. So much so that he put himself in an incredibly dangerous situation in Iraq to help bring some peace to our brave men and women who suffered tremendous loss while serving our country.

Vince Vaughn Supports Our Troops

Colby Smith was serving as a medic in the United States Army at that time. He shared this experience on Facebook to counter the liberal aggression towards Vaughn.

Smith’s first-person account is something we should all read for more insight into the comedic actor.

The Day I Met Vince Vaughn

When I was in Iraq, I was stationed in an extremely dangerous area. At the time, the most hostile combat area in the world. We lost a lot of good men and our base was mortared or shot at daily. Leaving the wire was worse in terms of violence.

I say all of this because no one stopped at any of the FOBs under 108th Armor’s control.

No one.

We heard that comedians, actors/actresses, cheerleaders and musicians were visiting the troops in Baghdad, or in Taji, or in Tallil, but they’d never stop in Mahmuhdiah. They’d never endanger themselves by visiting the Triangle of Death.

No one, except Vince Vaughn.

Vince stopped at FOB St. Michael purely because he was told that no one stopped there. He went around our base, talking with every soldier. He signed photos and took photos while holding a sign that said, “If you can dodge an IED, you can dodge a ball.”

He even sat and played me, a lowly medic, in NCAA football in our haphazard, poorly constructed smoke shack. He played as Virginia Tech, if I remember, and I played as Texas Tech.

He was relaxed even though we were mortared when he landed and he had to lay on the helipad (everyone around him was still standing as we were accustomed to it, but we won’t fault him for that.)

Here’s the thing. We had lost multiple men in the days leading up to his visit and the constant combat was exhausting… but Vince Vaughn is an entertainer, and he used his skills to enable us, for just a few hours, to forget the horrors of the conflict we were in at great danger to himself.

So, sure, nobodies behind a keyboard will fault him for shaking the President’s hand. Nobodies will say that he needs to be cancelled. Hollywood hacks who flew over our base will judge him. But I, for one, know better. I know that he’s a hero and that I will support him in his endeavors as he supported me in mine.

We live in an era where just shaking the President of the United States’s hand can get your canceled.

Vince Vaughn deserves much better than this.

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