Jack Wilson

Jack Wilson, the 71-year-old volunteer security guard who heroically stopped a shooting at a church in Texas last month with his own concealed weapon, was just awarded the state’s highest civilian honor by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

Jack Wilson Is Honored By Texas

The Christian Post reported that Wilson was awarded the newly minted Governor’s Medal of Courage in a ceremony on Monday. Governor Abbott’s office describes the medal as the highest honor given to civilians by the governor for those “who display great acts of heroism by risking their own safety to save another’s life.”

Jack Wilson was in West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas when shots rang out back in December. 43-year-old Keith Thomas Kinnunen of River Oaks, Texas killed two people, Richard White, 67, and Anton “Tony” Wallace, 64. Wilson, a firearms instructor and also a reserve sheriff’s deputy, was able to stop the church shooting within seconds so that no one else was injured.

During Monday’s ceremony, Governor Abbott made sure to thank God for placing Wilson in that church.

Texas Governor Praises Jack Wilson

“Although we continue to mourn the loss of Tony Wallace and Rich White, we also thank God for putting Jack Wilson in that church that day to bring the attack to an end and to prevent the further loss of further life,” Abbott said. “Only God knows who is alive today because of Jack Wilson. What we do know is that so many lives were saved because of Jack Wilson’s quick action.”

The governor continued:

“His calmness under pressure and above all else his courage and his willingness to risk his own life to save the lives of others. Courage has been defined as feeling fear yet choosing to act; following your heart when determining what to do; persevering in the face of adversity; stepping up to do the right thing to do; facing suffering with dignity and with faith. Jack Wilson embodies those traits. When faced with an evil that few of us can ever comprehend Jack Wilson responded with strength, with bravery and with love for those in the church that day.”

“That’s why he volunteered to provide security at the church knowing that one day he may be called upon to step up and risk his own life. Jack, I know that you’ve been reluctant to accept the label of being called a hero but that is exactly who you are. You are a hero to everybody in the church that day. You are a hero to the people of Texas. You put your life on the line to ensure others would live. That is the hallmark of heroism and of courage. And it’s my honor to present to you the Governor’s Medal of Courage.”

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Wilson Doesn’t See Himself As A Hero

Wilson responded by saying that he does not see himself as a hero, instead viewing himself as “a protector.”

“When events arise, you’re going to do one of two things. You’re either going to step up and do what’s right or walk away, and I’m not one to walk away,” he said.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media largely ignored this church shooting after it became clear the incident did not fit into their anti-gun agenda. After all, a trained conceal carry holder saved lives that day in White Settlement, Texas. But, with so little MSM coverage, Wilson has not received the national recognition he deserves for his heroic deed.

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We’re glad to see that Jack Wilson is at least being honored by the State of Texas for his bravery. And we hope that he goes on to get the respect he deserves throughout the entire country.

Wilson is a true hero, and may God bless him!

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