Superstar nearly free agent

A Top WWE Superstar Claims He’s About To Become A Free Agent

Superstar nearly free agent

Twitter can be a funny site. Sometimes you need to take what you read on there with a grain or two of salt. In this case, might a Superstar nearly be a free agent?

Sometimes, however, the platform is a source of news and information.

In this case, it’s not yet clear which is in play…but a certain WWE Superstar, involved in a rather big program, changed his Twitter bio recently.

Rusev, the Bulgarian Brute, briefly had this on this Twitter bio.

The change was talked about all over social media, and even news outlets such as Forbes picked up on the story.

Of course, if you check right now, his Twitter bio makes no reference to any impending free agency status (at least, not as of this writing). On one hand, it would not be a shock to see Rusev want to leave. He took a significant amount of time off last year. Reports linked the time off to his unhappiness with his use in WWE.

That said, the timing would be curious for a few reasons.

First, he’s a key part in a major current storyline. Whether all fans enjoy that storyline isn’t the issue-the entire angle with Rusev, Lana, Lashley and now Liv Morgan is getting a lot of attention. You’d think that would satisfy all involved parties.

For another, it was reported that his real-life spouse, Lana, had signed a new WWE contract late in 2019. While it’s not a sure thing, it wouldn’t be terrible to believe that husband and wife would like to stay together-though it wouldn’t be unheard of to not.

Rusev is an interesting Twitter follow, and it’s entirely possible he’s just having fun trolling people. Stay tuned to see what else comes out about this one.

WWE’s Next Saudi Arabia Show Is Coming Into Focus…Sort Of

We recently reported on the news that WWE will again be returning to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The return is another show as part of the substantial ten year agreement between the company and the Saudi leadership.

The return comes, yet again, at a time of uncertainty with what is happening in that region of the world.

While it initially appeared that the show would either be on February 20 or 27, PWInsider is now saying the 27th is virtually a lock.

While the return date seems to be decided and set, the card is not. As the saying goes, the card is subject to change. In this case, there isn’t much of a card even set thus far. It will be very interesting to see how this one comes together, for a few reasons.

First, it will be right in the middle of the Road To WrestleMania, so WWE will likely want to build toward what should still be it’s biggest show of the year. At the same time, it should not want to give away too much that would take away from the event in Tampa.

For another, as with previous Saudi Arabia shows, more Superstars are said to be stating they will not work the show. Some of these decisions are political or personal. Some may be in response to the debacle that unfolded following the last trip.

Stay tuned to see what does end up happening for the next KSA appearance.

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