Fox Refuses To Air PETA’s Colin Kaepernick-Inspired Ad During Super Bowl

Colin Kaepernick was just humiliated when a PETA ad that was inspired by him was rejected by Fox, who is refusing to air it during the Super Bowl.

Former NFL player Colin Kaepernick was hit with yet another humiliating blow this week when a PETA ad that was inspired by him was rejected by Fox. They are refusing to air the ad during the Super Bowl.

PETA Wants To End Speciesism

The PETA commercial reportedly featured a hummed version of The Star Spangled Banner as images of animals taking a knee are shown. PETA explained to TMZ that the goal of the ad was to bring about an end to speciesism. And, it’s to “challenge people to expand their concept of injustice to include humans’ injustice against other species.”

The commercial was obviously a nod to Kaepernick. He began taking a knee during the national anthem before his games as a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers during the 2016 season. Kaepernick claimed that he was only doing this to protest against racial inequality in the United States. But, many Americans saw it as a clear sign of disrespect to the American flag and those who have fought and died for it.

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No Response From Fox To Air PETA’s Commercial During Super Bowl

PETA submitted the ad to Fox last month asking for it to be played during the Super Bowl. They received a reply on December 30 from a network representative who said it was being reviewed. On January 3, Fox reached out to PETA again saying that the ad was being reviewed internally and that they would have an answer for the animal rights group very soon.

PETA has followed up with Fox many times in the weeks since then, but they have not heard anything else back, much to their dismay and humiliation. On top of that, they say that their many requests to have the ads run on local Fox television stations have been ignored.

Fox has refused to comment on the situation when asked to by supporters. A source close to the NFL would only say that it is ultimately up to the network carrying the game, not the NFL, as to what ads are played during the Super Bowl.

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Too Controversial For Fox

Clearly, Fox wants no part of the controversy surrounding Kaepernick and his national anthem kneeling protests. The Super Bowl is an American institution, so the last thing that should be played during it is a clear sign of disrespect to our national anthem. Sorry, PETA, but this was a major fail for you, and yet another FAIL for Kaepernick!

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