Shannon Bream

Fox News host Shannon Bream just opened up about what it was like dealing with her husband’s brain tumor.

Bream Shocked By Brain Tumor Diagnosis

“It was a complete shocker,” Bream said during an interview on Fox Nation’s “Ride To Work.”

“He was a college athlete, very healthy and strong,” Bream continued. “And he’d had an ear problem — like a ringing in his ear — for a long time. They treated him for everything, ear infections, all kinds of stuff. And they said, ‘Well, we need to rule one thing out. It’s a longshot.’ But the test came back and they said ‘You’ve got a brain tumor. It’s about the size of a golf ball and it’s got to come out.'”

“It just kind of threw our whole world into a tailspin,” Bream added, explaining that her husband was only 24 when he was diagnosed.

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Doctors Remove The Tumor Successfully

After a nine-hour surgery, doctors were finally able to remove the tumor.

“The tumor was clean. Got that out. Luckily benign. It was wonderful news,” Bream recalled. “But he had a complication in that all of the swelling from the brain surgery crushed some of his facial nerves and he ended up with severe paralysis.”

Bream was in law school at the time, and she and her husband Sheldon were engaged to be married.

“We went on about our lives and he would be honest to tell you he was really going through a depression,” she said. “It was tough recovery.”

Bream’s Pizza Hut Story

One day, when the couple was enjoying a budget-friendly lunch buffet at a Pizza Hut, everything changed for them.

“We’re sitting there in Pizza Hut months after his surgery, but a month before we’re supposed to get married and I thought I saw the corner of his mouth move,” Bream explained.

Bream immediately got excited because doctors had told them his mouth would move first if he ever started to regain control of his facial muscles. But, she didn’t want to react too quickly to what she’d seen.

“I start digging through my purse. I grab my compact out of there and I shove it in his face and say, ‘Your mouth is moving. I can see the corner of your mouth moving.’ And I’m like, ‘Do you see it?'” she remembered. “He starts kind of biting and chewing and trying to talk. … He sees just the faintest thing. We jump up in Pizza Hut and start crying and jumping up and down and hugging each other. And people think we’re nuts and we do not care at all.”

“And so we jumped around a Pizza Hut and it was wonderful,” Bream continued. “It was just so exciting because then from there, he slowly began to recover. And it still took a while. But thank God he’s good. No more return of that.”

The Lord really does work in mysterious ways! God bless Bream for sharing such a personal story with the world.

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