UFC 246: Could Donald Cerrone Bust Out Some Wrestling vs. Conor McGregor? Apparently Not

Donald Cerrone has underrated wrestling and is also ridiculously dangerous on the ground. But, "Cowboy" insists the plan's to throw hands and feet with Conor McGregor.

Recently some observers have speculated that we may see Donald Cerrone mixing in some takedowns, when he faces Conor McGregor next month. But, “Cowboy” recently explained why he plans to “throw down” with the former champ.

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Cerrone insists he’s going to strike with McGregor

Anyone who has even some knowledge of MMA, knows that Cerrone is an extremely dangerous striker. The veteran’s kickboxing game has delivered him numerous wins throughout his career.

But, since Cerrone has underrated wrestling, and top-tier submission skills, some have opined “Cowboy” will, or should, try to take McGregor down. The theory being that in doing so, Cerrone has a clearer path to a victory. McGregor has worked extensively on his wrestling defense and jiu-jitsu game, but Cerrone could have a more decisive advantage on the ground.

Further, Cerrone has taken some heavy shots in his last couple of fights, he was stopped in his last fight, and he’s been competing for over 10 years. So, some question whether he’ll be able to handle McGregor’s booming left.

But, while talking with MMA Junkie recently, Cerrone shot down the idea that he should try to take the fight down.

“I’m going to go out there and stand up with him because that’s what everyone wants to see,” Cerrone said. “Someone said earlier that’s like fighting not to win almost, but hell no. I’d rather go down in history as having the greatest fight ever and losing than fighting to just win and winning. I’m going out there to put on the line and throw down and give everyone what they want to see. To me, that’s what I want my legacy to be. I don’t want to be the guy that took the easy way and just ran the whole fight and tried to point fight. Hell, no. I’m going to stand and try to throw down.”

“…(I’m expecting) the same hungry kid there’s always been,” Cerrone said. “He’s coming to knock my head off. There’s a lot weighing on this fight so I’m probably going to get the best Conor McGregor out there.”

Could Cerrone just be saying this?

Now, could Cerrone just be saying this? And in fact, we’ll see him shooting for a takedown on January 18th? It’s possible, sure. But, Cerrone has always spoken his mind while discussing fights and isn’t really known for mind games. So, chances are this is indeed the game plan as UFC 246 nears.

That said, if Cerrone does take some hard shots early on, don’t be surprised if we see him changing levels and trying to take the fight down.

UFC 246 will be hosted by T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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