Jose Aldo Makes Case For Why he Beat “Scared” Marlon Moraes

It's been a couple of days since UFC 245 took place, but it looks like Jose Aldo's still certain that he beat Marlon Moraes on Saturday night.

If you’re were following UFC 245 on social media Saturday night, you know lots of people believe Jose Aldo in fact, beat Marlon Moraes. Well, since the former featherweight champ’s split decision defeat, Aldo has outlined why he’s certain he should have been announced the winner.

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Aldo comments on the loss

The legendary fighter, who was making his bantamweight debut, pressured Moraes throughout much of the bout and landed some heavy shots. But, after 15 minutes, it was announced two of the three judges scored the fight for Moraes.

Since then, Aldo spoke with MMA Fighting, and the Brazilian star had this to say about the fight.

“He had some good 30 seconds in the beginning of the first round, a great start, and after that I dominated him,” Aldo said. “I almost knocked him out with two combos, he got dizzy and closed the distance, I lost balance and ended up on bottom on the ground, but he only had 10 seconds left and did nothing. Everybody thinks he won the first round, but I can’t see that.

“Rounds two and three were clear for me. I was the only one landing in the second, and walked forward the entire time in the third, landing jabs and answering everything he tried to do. I don’t know how I lost this fight. I don’t know how anyone saw him winning. I think I won all rounds. I respect Marlon, but I can’t see this result.”

“…“He was scared, his eyes were different. The guy didn’t want to fight. Fans were booing and I was putting pressure the entire time. I don’t know how they came up with that result. I’m the most honest guy in the world. If I think I lost, like the (Alexander) Volkanovski fight, I’ll say I lost. But I don’t think I lost this fight.”

Was Aldo robbed?

You can certainly make the case that Aldo won the bout. Overall, Moraes landed more significant strikes than Aldo, by a 69 to 68 margin. But Aldo landed more strikes overall: 63 to 59, and as noted above, he moved forward throughout the bout. Of course, it’s important to remember that fights are scored by rounds, not overall metrics.

But, to say Aldo was ‘robbed’, is a stretch. Moraes did ramp up his attacks near the end of round three and he landed his fair share of heavy strikes too.

The good news for Aldo is that Henry Cejudo reportedly told Dana White he thinks the former champ won, and that he wants to fight him. White is open to the idea.

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