Tina Louise

Tina Louise, who is best known for portraying Ginger on the legendary sitcom “Gilligan’s Island,” is now proudly defying the leftwing secular world of Hollywood to star in a new faith-based movie.

Tina Louise Opens Up About Christian Film

Louise, 85, is starring in the new Christian film Tapestry in which she plays a dying matriarch who is trying to save the life of her troubled son. The movie, which also stars Stephen Baldwin and Burt Young, is based on a true story.

“I thought it was a great film, especially for the holidays,” Louise said when asked why she chose to appear in it. “In the film, my son loses his faith because somebody does very bad harm to him to get him fired. Then, everything starts to fall apart as a family. I’m the force that helps brings it back together.”

“It was great working with this cast, especially because we did a lot of improvising, and I liked the message,” she continued. “I’ve done comedy and drama throughout my career, but I felt there was going to be a lot of freedom in this film. There was a lot of encouragement, too.”

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‘Tapestry’ Is a Film About Faith

Tapestry is a film about faith. How has faith been essential in your own life?” Louise was then asked.

“It’s very important… I think it’s so important to think good thoughts and surround yourself with positive energy, good energy, and accepting today for this day… I try to be in the present,” she replied. “I try not to bring yesterday into today. That has always motivated me.”

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Tina Louise Recalls Her Fondest Memories on ‘Gilligan’s Island’

Though she has played many roles throughout her career, it is still “Gilligan’s Island” for which she is most remembered as the glamorous Ginger Grant. She opened up about her fondest memories from appearing on the series.

Tina Louise

“The person that made me smile the most was Jim Backus,” she said. “He was the funniest, most adorable man… It was his birthday and he had a very bad Parkinson’s. There was a big event going on that night for him and they had to carry him up the stairs. I had said to [“Gilligan’s Island” creator] Sherwood [Schwartz] I was going to dance with him that night. He said, ‘No, you won’t be able to.’ When [Jim] sat next to me, I asked him if he wanted to dance. He stood up and I danced with him. I will never forget that night with him.”

Though “Gilligan’s Island” has been off the air for over 50 years, it still brings smiles to the faces of fans to this day. It’s so nice to see that Tina Louise is still working, especially in Christian-based projects!

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