WWE Delayed Contract Talks + Vince McMahon Howled At Segment

The WWE delayed contract talks with Randy Orton for many months + Vince McMahon loved Baron Corbin's SmackDown Live segment.

Contract negotiations within the WWE are often a great secret until the wrestler has signed. Now, it has been revealed that the company delayed contract talks with Randy Orton for many months.

Speaking of Vince McMahon, reports state that the WWE’s CEO was howling at the SmackDown Live segment of Baron Corbin this week.

WWE Delayed Contract Negotiations With Randy Orton

Randy Orton

Randy Orton’s original contract was set to be discussed in the spring of this year. However, the WWE kept pushing back the contract negotiations for the Viper, which led them to only having come to an agreement recently. It also explains why Randy Orton kept teasing an AEW departure. Partly to push WWE bosses in the direction of a deal and possibly to get a better contract out of it himself.

The contract negotiations of Randy Orton has left the locker room in a state of disarray. Orton is an established veteran, so future contract deals for mid-card talent might not be that promising. Time will tell what strategy World Wrestling Entertainment will be implementing.

Vince McMahon Impressed With Baron Corbin Segment

Love him or hate him, Baron Corbin is undoubtedly one of the most discussed wrestlers at the moment. His momentum continues this week, especially after the most unusual segment that took place during Smackdown Live.

While the universe struggled to figure out what was happening, it was difficult to find anyone laughing in the audience. While I must admit I sniggered just a little bit, not everyone felt the same way.

At least one man was enjoying the segment thoroughly and that was Vince McMahon. Reports state that the WWE CEO was howling at the segment backstage and loved every minute of it.

Despite the success of the promo with Vince McMahon, the SmackDown Live promo has gotten a lot of criticism. Givemesport claims that the promo has not been well received by many backstage. Evidently, they will not speak up as the writers are sheerly bringing out stuff just to please Vince at this point; at least, this is what is claimed by Givemesport

I know there is tons of criticism about segments and promos lately, but I did enjoy this one. If I were to have on small bit of criticism, it should have been a little shorter, especially if you see it’s not working with fans in attendance.

The Roman Reigns Versus Baron Corbin Feud

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The feud between Corbin and Reigns is set to take place at Survivor Series. However, it is believed that the rivalry will go on to the TLC pay-per-view as well, although this is sheer speculation at this point. I am curious to see what will happen at Survivor Series. However, I hope this does not drag out as some other feuds in the past. If it works, by all means continue. Still, I’m having trouble seeing if the WWE Universe will get on board with this thin backstory and frankly toilet humor. I might enjoy it, but that does not mean everyone does.

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