Rosie O’Donnell Twitter Poll Backfires – 58% Say ‘Hell No’ To Trump Impeachment

Rosie O'Donnell's latest attempt to humiliate the President blew up in her face when her poll surveying the public on Trump impeachment didn't go her way.

Rosie O’Donnell’s latest attempt to humiliate President Donald Trump with a poll just blew up in her face in the most hilarious way possible. The Hollywood zealot wanted to spotlight the true public opinion on Trump with an impeachment poll. Just one problem – the American public doesn’t share O’Donnell’s Trump hating ways.

O’Donnell Posts Trump Impeachment Poll

It all started when O’Donnell posted a poll to her followers asking them if Trump should be impeached. The Twitter poll offered users two options for answers: “Hell Yes” and “Hell No.” Clearly, O’Donnell was expecting the result to overwhelmingly be “Hell Yes,” but that’s not exactly how things went for her.

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In the end, only 42% of those who responded said “Hell Yes” to Trump impeachment. Much to O’Donnell’s dismay, the other 58% responded with an emphatic “Hell No.” A total of 272,582 people voted in O’Donnell’s poll, which had to make the results even harder for her to handle.

O’Donnell Deletes Poll When She Sees Results

In a move that is typical of modern liberals, O’Donnell refused to engage with the people who voted overwhelmingly against Trump impeachment in her poll. She made no attempt to use the poll as an opportunity to try and understand why respondents feel the way they do. Instead, O’Donnell immediately deleted the poll because the results did not support her radically anti-Trump agenda. Like a toddler who did not get her way, O’Donnell just grabbed all her toys and left the sandbox.

O’Donnell And Trump’s Feud

O’Donnell’s poll on Trump impeachment is just her latest stunt. She has been in a bitter feud with Trump for over a decade. But the feud has become one-sided since Trump took office. As the President has far more important things to worry about than what a has-been comedian like O’Donnell thinks about him.

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While Trump has gotten over his feud with O’Donnell in recent years, she has allowed her hatred of him to completely consume her ever since he entered the White House. These days, O’Donnell spends much of her time going on bizarrely deranged rants against Trump on her social media pages, showing the world that she has one of the worst cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome in Hollywood (and that’s saying a lot).

We’re glad that O’Donnell’s Trump impeachment poll blew up in her face, and that she got to see firsthand that the majority of Americans do not support Trump impeachment. This just goes to show that as a wealthy member of the liberal Hollywood elite, O’Donnell is out of touch with the wants and needs of average working class Americans, who are the very people Trump has been trying to help.

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