American Students Stand For Christ In Solidarity With NFL’s ‘Man Of God’ Demario Davis

Christian Students stand for Christ during Fields of Faith with NFL Man of God Demario Davis

The kids are alright. Hundreds of thousands of Christian high school students filled local football fields across America in a student-led “Stand for Christ” event through the Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ Fields of Faith program. At the same time, Louisiana students showed their support of New Orleans Saints player Demario Davis by wearing headbands saying, “Child of God.”

Christian Students Turn Out for Fields of Faith

Christian students joined together to “Stand for Christ” in over 500 fields across the country. And the organized effort allows students to encourage their peers to worship, pray, read their Bibles, and commit their lives to Christ.

“Stand for Christ” was just one of the student-led “Fields of Faith” events that take place under Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) umbrella.

FCA director, Jeff Martin, explains in a statement, “In a world where bad news seems to be the norm, we’re happy to share the great news that lives are being changed through Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ Fields of Faith.”

“From the student leaders who take on the responsibility to bring Fields of Faith to their communities to the skeptical or hurting teen who might be attending for the first time, we see time and again that Fields of Faith motivates, energizes, rejuvenates and unites.”

With everything that students face today, Christian students are doing what they can to help their peers deal with it all. Things like depression and suicide to peer pressure to engage in underage drinking and drug use.

And Christian students who attend are themselves boosted by the experience.

“It was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever been to. So many people were able to worship God at our school in front of everyone,” one student said.

The gatherings ended up happening the same week a Christian NFL player was given a fine for expressing his faith.

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‘Child of God’ Headbands

It’s not only teenage Christian students who took the opportunity to express their faith this week.

Last month, New Orleans Saints player Demario Davis was fined $7,000 for wearing a “Man of God” headband. And that spurred students and teachers at St. Louis King of France Catholic School to sport homemade headbands saying “Child of God.”

“The point is just to promote our Christianity here. It’s about persons of all faiths, actually,” a teacher at the school said.

The thing is, the NFL fining Davis ultimately led to people of faith showing their support for the linebacker. And for God, which Demario says is his focus.

Demario Davis Turns NFL Fine to a Positive

On Thursday, after hearing an appeal from Davis, the NFL announced they revoked the fine.

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However, Davis isn’t keeping the $7,000. Instead, he’s donating it to a hospital in his home state of Mississippi.

“As this was going on throughout the week and pondering what the best way so that God could get the ultimate glory, we came up with that,” Davis said at a news conference.

Overall, it was a great week of young people standing up for their faith. And for one football player to be a great Christian role model for young students and football fans alike.