Felicity Huffman’s Likely Prison Sentence In College Admissions Scandal Revealed

Felicity Huffman, best known for ABC's "Desperate Housewives," learned her likely prison sentence after pleading guilty to charges in the college admissions scandal.

Felicity Huffman, best known for starring on the ABC television show “Desperate Housewives,” may have just learned her punishment after pleading guilty to charges stemming from her role in the college admissions scandal. Huffman and Lori Loughlin are among the 51 elites ensnared in ‘Operation Varsity Blues’, a criminal bribery conspiracy to influence undergraduate admissions decisions at top American universities.

Prosecutors Demand Prison Time

Yahoo News reports that court documents show that prosecutors asked a judge that Huffman be sentenced to one month in prison. The prosecutor’s recommendation also included a year of supervised release and that she pay a $20,000 fine.

“Her efforts weren’t driven by need or desperation, but by a sense of entitlement, or at least moral cluelessness, facilitated by wealth and insularity,” prosecutors wrote in a court filing.

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This comes months after Huffman plead guilty to paying $15,000 to have someone correct her daughter’s answers on the SAT. Her sentencing is on Friday. Huffman’s lawyers have asked a judge to sentence her to a year of probation, 250 hours of community service, and the $20,000 fine.

Huffman Writes Emotional Letter To Judge

Before her sentencing, Huffman wrote a letter to the judge. In that latter, she opens up about how she has been affected by this scandal.

“In my desperation to be a good mother I talked myself into believing that all I was doing was giving my daughter a fair shot,” Huffman wrote in the letter. “I see the irony in that statement now because what I have done is the opposite of fair. I have broken the law, deceived the educational community, betrayed my daughter, and failed my family.”

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Huffman went on to say that after learning of her arrest, her teenage daughter Sophia “asked with tears streaming down her face, ‘Why didn’t you believe in me? Why didn’t you think I could do it on my own?’”

Eva Longoria Defends Huffman

Huffman’s “Desperate Housewives” costar Eva Longoria also penned a letter of support for her. Longoria’s letter recalls how kind the actress was to her on set.

“There was a time I was being bullied at work by a co-worker. I dreaded the days I had to work with that person because it was pure torture,” Longoria wrote. “Until one day, Felicity told the bully ‘enough’ and it all stopped. Felicity could tell that I was riddled with anxiety even though I never complained or mentioned the abuse to anyone.”

Longoria goes on to praise Huffman for always supporting her charities. The charities benefit children of the Latino community.

“I did the work, because I am Latino, but Felicity didn’t have to, she wanted to,” Longoria wrote. “There were so many times that she was the only white woman in the room helping me improve the lives of these brown faces and families. I will never forget that.”

Huffman’s husband William H. Macy, also an actor, wrote a letter of his own. Macy’s letter paints his wife as a devoted parent, “she’s always struggled to find the balance between what the experts say, and her own common sense.” He also said that his family attends family therapy since her arrest. Macy’s letter concludes, “Every good thing in my life is because of Felicity Huffman.”

Unlike some other parents in this case, such as “Fuller House” star Lori Loughlin, Huffman has taken responsibility for her mistakes from the very beginning. Hopefully, the judge takes this into account and is more lenient when it comes to sentencing Huffman.

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