Colby Covington Accuses UFC of “Bully Tactics”, Claims He’s Made Company “Millions And Millions”

Colby Covington continues to trash the UFC publicly, as the outspoken fighter's accusing the promotion of bullying him in contract talks for his next fight.

If you’re hoping to see Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington throw down before the year is up, as it stands right now, it’s not looking good. In fact, based off comments “Chaos” recently made, it sounds like it could be a while before we see the controversial fighter in action again.

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Usman vs. Covington has failed to materialize

Since Covington cruised to a decision win over Robbie Lawler in August, the expectation has been that he will face the welterweight champ, Usman next. Recently it was reported that the UFC was targeting the match-up for its November 2nd card in New York City. But, all the parties involved reportedly come to financial terms. Covington even claimed that the UFC had tabled a “basic challenger offer” that he couldn’t accept.

Covington’s latest comments

Well, Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal are now booked to fight in the headliner of UFC 244, and it’s not clear, if and when Usman and Covington will square off. While speaking to BJ recently, Covington had this to say about talks with the UFC.

“That’s how UFC does business, they do the bully tactics,” he said. “They do the slave labor negotiations. It’s sick man. They don’t want to pay any of the fighters because they want everybody to be poor, so they keep back coming back and fighting all the time, and fighting six times a year.”

“…They said, ‘Oh, show up for the Robbie Lawler fight and needless to say, Robbie was training for 12 weeks for that fight. He was getting ready for [Tyron] Woodley, but Woodley was scared and he pulled out with a sore pinky….So I showed up on four weeks’ notice, without a training camp because I got a nasty cut from a head butt in the first week in training camp. I couldn’t even train. Pretty much had to run on the treadmill every day, that’s it. That’s not training timing, accuracy, all that. So I showed up with no camp, to save the UFC, to save the main event, to bring the First Family, to get the President tweeting about the UFC…”

“The UFC still doesn’t do good for me,” he concluded. “I make them millions and millions and they just continue to just pocket all that money, and they don’t want to pay me a fraction — not even 5% of any of that money. It’s ridiculous how they can pocket 95, 98% and not give the fighters anymore than the 2, 3%.”

So, it will be really interesting to see what happens next here. Covington has been at odds with the UFC before, in terms of lining up his next fight. Will the promotion once again look elsewhere? In terms of a challenger for the welterweight title? Is there a lot of fan interest in seeing Usman – Woodley 2 right now? Probably not, on account of how one-sided the first fight was. Leon Edwards certainly deserves a title shot, but he has yet to establish himself as a big draw here in North America.

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