Bob Newhart Reminds Ben Stiller He’s Still Alive During Emmy Awards

During the Emmy Awards on Sunday night, Bob Newhart had a hilarious moment when he reminded comedian Ben Stiller and viewers that he was still alive.

Bob Newhart is a comedic legend who has been making audiences laugh for decades. On his sitcoms like “The Bob Newhart Show” and “Newhart,” the star made millions of viewers laugh every week. During the Emmy Awards on Sunday night, Newhart showed the world that he’s still got it when it comes to comedy when he came onstage to hilariously remind comedian Ben Stiller and viewers that he is still alive.

Newhart Reminds Stiller He’s Still Alive

Fox News reported that Stiller appeared onstage to reveal the winner of best supporting actor in a comedy series by honoring late comedians Lucille Ball and George Burns with wax statues of the pair. The camera then panned to a frozen Newhart pretending to be a statue as Stiller continued to speak.

“I’m still alive,” Newhart told Stiller after he introduced him as part of a wax museum comedy hall of fame.

“You put me with George and Lucy and it’s weird,” Newhart said. “Like I was in some weird museum of comedy.”

“It’s more like legends of comedy,” Stiller fired back. “Alive, dead…”

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“This legend is going to kick your ass, that way you’ll know I’m alive…you thought I was dead!” Newhart said, later adding to Stiller, “I hated you, by the way, in ‘Tropic Thunder.'”

Newhart Refuses To Retire

Newhart, who turned 90 earlier this month, recently said that he does not plan to ever retire.

“I always say, ‘What are you going to tell people: ‘I’m really tired of making people laugh?’” Newhart said in an interview just before his birthday. “It’s a wonderful thing to be able to do. You go out and do a good show, and you and the audience are happy for an hour or so. People forget their troubles, pick themselves up and dust themselves off. How could you hate that? I don’t think I’ll ever stop performing. It’s in my blood.”

“I’ve done just about everything I’ve ever thought or even didn’t think I would do,” he continued. “Making people laugh is all I care about.”

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Newhart’s Strong Marriage

Newhart has been married to his beloved wife Ginny for 56 years, which is made all the more impressive given the divorce rate in Hollywood. Newhart said recently that he never had any doubt that Ginny was “the one.”

“We had the same values, and we enjoyed being with each other,” he said. “She had a great sense of humor, so she had all the things I was looking for. She brings me down to Earth if I get too full of myself. Several years ago, Ginny asked me to take out the recyclables. I was feeling full of myself, so I said, ‘Do you think Angelina Jolie makes Brad Pitt take out the recyclables?’ And she said, ‘If you were Brad Pitt, I wouldn’t ask you to take out the recyclables!’”

Check out one of Newhart’s best moments from his sitcom “The Bob Newhart Show” in the video below.

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