Becky Lynch Fined + How WWE Kept Luke Harper Return A Secret

Becky Lynch Fined

-Following Clash of Champions, WWE announced that RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch would receive a $10,000 fine. The penalty is a result of her inadvertently striking an official during her Clash of Champions title defense against Sasha Banks.

During that match, Lynch was very aggressive with the newly-turned-heel Banks, on the Legit Boss’s PPV return.

The match ended with Becky earning herself a disqualification, as she unloaded on Banks with a number of chair shots.

With this feud far from done, and Hell In A Cell just around the corner, it’s only natural for fans to speculate if we could see these two women lock up once again…only this time, they could do battle within the friendly confines of a Cell.

How Did WWE Keep Luke Harper’s Return A Secret?

-While there are no doubt plenty of WWE fans who suspected Luke Harper would be showing up last night at the Clash, we’d had no major hints.

Luke Harper had been off of WWE television for quite some time. Harper, you will recall, made waves earlier this year when he openly requested his release, feeling that the company was not using him properly.

Those concerns, at least for now, appear to have been dealt with.

So, how did it remain a surprise?

WWE basically hid Harper in the backstage area, right up until it was his time to go on.

Luke Harper’s name was not on any planning for the show that would be seen by a wider audience. He was kept away from anyone behind the scenes until absolutely necessary.

While Harper returning was not the level of a return as, say, The Hardys at WrestleMania, or any special appearance by The Rock, it’s still nice to see WWE go to lengths to keep it a bit of a surprise.

Based on the response Harper received, it seems WWE fans are happy to have him back.