jussie smollett hate crime
jussie smollett hate crime

Jussie Smollett’s public relations team spoke out on Wednesday to say that “every iota” of the “Empire” actor’s claim that he was the victim of an anti-gay, racist attack in Chicago earlier this year is true.

Jussie Smollett’s PR Team Releases Statement

Fox News reported that Smollett’s PR team made this claim in a statement released in response to a filing by the city of Chicago defending its lawsuit which will try to recoup the costs of investigating what it says was a January publicity stunt.

In the statement, Smollett’s PR team said that “every iota of information … Smollett has stated has been fully corroborated.”

However, the statement did not offer any evidence of what exact evidence backs Smollett’s claim that he was assaulted by two MAGA hat-wearing men who hurled racist and homophobic slurs at him.

This comes two months after the Chicago Police Department released tons of evidence that they gathered during the course of their investigation into Smollett’s alleged assault.

The evidence included surveillance footage that appeared to show Smollett and two brothers, who police say he paid to attack him, walking around the vicinity of the alleged attack site minutes before it happened.

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The city said that their evidence showed that Smollett paid the men to fake the hate crime, possibly because he was hoping for a salary increase on his FOX television show.

Here’s a video recap of what we know so far about Jussie Smollett’s alleged hate crime:

Prosecutor Taking Second Look at Smollett Case

Back in March, the state decided to drop all charges against Smollett for staging the hate crime, much to the dismay of Americans everywhere who wanted to see him in prison.

Special prosecutor Dan Webb is now investigating the Smollett case and why charges against him were dropped. After he was appointed, State Attorney Kim Foxx said she had no regrets about dropping the charges against Smollett.

“We will fully cooperate with Mr. Webb,” Foxx said, according to Chicago Business. “In this office, violent crime is our priority.”

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“I look forward to whatever lessons have been learned and implementing that,” she continued, “The fact that we’ve had to spend a lot of time on this case . . . I think that’s unfortunate.”

Does Jussie Smollett Belong In Prison?

What’s really unfortunate is that Jussie Smollett continues to be a free man and to lie to the American people about his fake hate crime.

Many believe that he is a shameless liar who was trying to personally benefit off how racially and politically divided our country has become.

Does he deserve to be in prison? America will find out soon enough. Whatever the outcome, let’s hope justice is served.

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