howard stern oj tweets
howard stern oj tweets

“Shock jock” Howard Stern has made his living thanks to his ability in the United States to say vulgar and shocking things over the airwaves. But, apparently, even Stern has a limit to what he thinks people should have to endure and hopes O.J. Simpson‘s new Twitter account gets suspended.

In an interview with Kim Goldman, who is the sister of Simpson’s alleged victim, Ron Goldman, Stern said O.J. joining Twitter shook the King of Shock.

“I really got triggered because of O.J.’s Twitter feed,” Stern told Goldman. “When someone kills your brother and they’re on the golf course and they’re sitting out there in their golf cart, living the life that most people don’t get to live … it’s got to be maddening.”

Stern also said he hopes Simpson’s Twitter account gets suspended “just to save you the grief of seeing him out there.”

Simpson appeared to hit back at Stern in a video posted on Twitter.

“Today, I was told that this individual, let’s call him Person A, stated that he thought Person B should not have a right to public expression. What’s interesting about that is Person B years ago helped fight for Person A’s right for freedom of expression, public expression.”

Who wants to explain to O.J. that a right to free speech and access to a Twitter account aren’t the same thing?

The murder of Nicole Brown

Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson were murdered on June 13, 1994.

While acquitted criminally of the stabbing deaths, O.J. Simpson was found responsible for the deaths of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ronald Goldman in civil court in 1997.

To commemorate the 25 year anniversary of Ron and Nicole’s deaths, Kim launched a limited series podcast, called “Confronting O.J. Simpson.” In the podcast, Kim interviews as many people involved with the O.J. Simpson case as possible, including jurors, attorneys Marcia Clark and Christopher Darden, and even witness Kato Kaelin.

The podcast launched on June 12 and O.J. Simpson joined Twitter three days later and immediately started making veiled references to Kim and the podcast. Simpson’s attorney, Malcolm LaVergne, also chimed in, attacking Kim on the social media site.

Despite the attacks getting so caustic from the Simpson camp, Kim and her producer, Nancy Glass, decided to reach out to LaVergne and invite them on the show. Glass recorded the entire conversation with LaVergne (with his permission) and what followed was a truly bizarre conversation.

LaVergne offered himself and O.J. for an interview with Kim with two conditions: a million-dollar payment to O.J. and Kim posting a tweet thanking O.J. Simpson for getting her more followers on Twitter.

Because Simpson, who co-wrote a book about the murders called “If I Did It,” is using his account so blatantly to target and harass the Goldman family, Howard Stern wishes that his account would get suspended, sooner rather than later.