OJ Simpson

As the 25th anniversary of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman takes place this week, OJ Simpson has spoken out in a new interview to say that he is loving life in retirement in Las Vegas right now.

Daily Mail reported that while Simpson was acquitted of the June 12, 1994 murders, many are positive that he did in fact commit them. Despite this, Simpson says that he stays positive by focusing on all of the good things in his life.

“We don’t need to go back and relive the worst day of our lives,” Simpson said. “The subject of the moment is the subject I will never revisit again. My family and I have moved on to what we call the ‘no negative zone.’ We focus on the positives.”

Simpson has been laying low ever since his release from prison in October of 2017 after serving nine years on robbery-kidnapping charges. Though he continues to believe that his conviction and sentence was unfair, Simpson said, “I believe in the legal system and I honored it. I served my time.”

Most people assumed that Simpson would return to Florida after being released from prison, but friends convinced him that Las Vegas was the best place for him, even though it is the city where he was arrested and imprisoned.

“The town has been good to me,” Simpson said of the city. “Everybody I meet seems to be apologizing for what happened to me here.”

These days, Simpson plays golf almost every day, saying that he is part of a group of “retired guys” who compete with each other on the golf course. He’s even managed to convince his parole officer to let him take short trips to Florida to visit the two children he had with Nicole.

“I’ve been to Florida two or three times to see the kids and my old buddies in Miami. I even managed to play a game of golf with them,” he said. “But I live in a town I’ve learned to love. Life is fine.”

For those of us who firmly believe that Simpson was guilty of the 1994 murders of his wife and her friend, it’s sickening to see that he is living such a happy-go-lucky life as a free man. We can only hope that karma does come back to get Simpson some day, if he was in fact guilty of the murders. If Simpson never has to pay for his despicable crime in this life, he surely will in the next one.

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