What Does WWE Really Think About AEW?

Much has been said about AEW and WWE since the younger company debuted. Competition should be a good thing, but does WWE really worry about them?

-Much has been said about what WWE might (or might not) think about All Elite Wrestling. Given some of the more recent happenings-The Undertaker returning to television, changes to the format of matches and more-many fans believe WWE is a bit concerned about AEW.

In addition to the changes, there have been plenty of posts about Superstars being unhappy, and WWE throwing crazy money at them to keep them from leaving for AEW.

Add it all up, and it sure seems like WWE has some degree of concern relative to the new promotion.

However, Tom Colohue, someone who has provided credible insight in the past, had this to say about WWE’s feelings relative to AEW:

If true, that is a bit of a surprising take. Previous stories indicated there actually might be concern, and for various reasons. Obviously there has to be some concern over the poaching of talent. Also AEW provides an alternative for free agents, which is why a number of names fans had hoped to see in WWE are working for Tony Khan now.

That said, WWE might also feel a bit inspired by this past weekend. AEW ran another big show, Fyter Fest, over the weekend. While it was not hyped to be on the level of Double or Nothing, it was being streamed (for free), and was also Jon Moxley’s in ring AEW debut. Apparently, interest in the show was significantly less than for Double or Nothing.

That said, it’s only one show, and in the grand scheme, a relatively minor one.

Despite what WWE might be saying, they’d be foolish to not be paying attention to what AEW is doing.

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