Stomping Grounds’ Low Attendance (Video), Lar Sullivan’s Injury

WWE's Stomping Ground did not sell many tickets and here is a look at the arena's attendance. Also, we have learned more about Lar's Sullivan's injury.

– A major hurdle heading into Stomping Ground was WWE selling tickets. They had plenty of tickets available all week and despite cutting the prices and offering special deals, people were not buying.

The card did not look strong and some of the bouts were rematches from Super ShowDown and even Money in the Bank. WWE does know how to make an arena look packed, as they upgraded many ticket holders by moving them around. A large section of the Washington’s Tacoma Dome was blocked as seen in the video below.

– Lars Sullivan’s massive push came to an abrupt end, at least for the moment, after requiring knee surgery. He is looking at a return to action anywhere from 6 to 9 months.

Before being put on the shelf, Sullivan only worked two matches on the main roster. He lost via disqualification to Lucha House Party at Suer ShowDown and then won a handicap match the following night on RAW in dominant fashion. That will likely be the last match for Sullivan until probably 2020; that is if WWE decides to bring him back.

During the Wrestling Observer Radio, it was noted that Sullivan went into the RAW match with a minor injury. Working the match seemed to have worsened the injury, causing the surgery and certainty messing up the big plans WWE had in mind for Sullivan.

After missing out on a huge opportunity against John Cena at WrestleMania 35 due to a panic attack months before and then being fined $100,000 for old comments found on social media, Sullivan finally seemed to be on his way. Now, he could end up missing WrestleMania 36. Luck has been something Sullivan desperately needed the past 6 months.

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