americas got talent choir
americas got talent choir

Hollywood doesn’t exactly roll out the red carpet for Christians. Rather, people of faith often find themselves on the ropes in the entertainment industry. That’s why an “America’s Got Talent” entry is still getting a lot of attention for bringing the crowd to its feet praising Jesus.

Danell Daymon & Greater Works is a gospel choir that even got Simon Cowell up and clapping. Their jazzy rendition of “This Little Light of Mine” started off with a solitary singer but quickly grew in intensity. It didn’t take very long before the judges were standing and applauding this beloved traditional Christian song. In fact, everyone in attendance joined in the enthusiastic performance. Nobody was expecting this sort of reaction from Hollywood!

Music can move mountains and build bridges in the most unlikely of places. This gospel choir’s performance is the perfect example of this scenario. They went into the lion’s den and had everyone on their feet singing about God.

Simon Cowell, who is infamous for being a rather harsh critic, praised the Tacoma based gospel choir. “It’s quite obvious that you are amazing,” the typical curmudgeon told Greater Works after their legendary performance.

Judge Howie Mandel took his praise for these high energy Christians even further by telling them, “You took this Jew to church!” As you can see from the video below, this moving gospel performance did exactly that!

Amazing! You never know who might be moved when you share the message of Jesus, so we should all take that message everywhere we go. Hollywood is an unlikely place to stand and applaud a gospel song, but that is exactly what happened when Greater Works sang about their love of Jesus. Hearts were touched and mountains were moved. This is how you make Jesus famous even in liberal Hollywood!

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