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These days, it seems like Hollywood comedians can’t stop talking about President Donald Trump. That’s why it came as a huge surprise when comedian David Spade said that Trump is one person he will not be joking about his new comedy show.

Fox News reported that as his new late night show “Lights Out with David Spade” is about to premiere on Comedy Central, Spade said that he will not be joking about Trump because the president is an “easier target” than most.

Instead, he will be leaving the Trump bashing to late night hosts like Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, and Seth Meyers.

“They are funny and smart and have good jokes about it,” Spade said. “At this point, it would be just piling on.”

The comedian went on to say that he fears refusing to mock Trump will have a negative impact on his ratings.

“I mean you have to be [concerned with the ratings],” Spade said. “I will live or die with whether people think I am funny or not because they have all done that. So I don’t even know what I can even know what I could add to that.”

Spade’s Politically Neutral Show

Spade may end up with a success on his hands as we would not be surprised if refusing to bash Trump ends up making his show far more successful than other late night shows that take great joy in attacking the president.

Anyone who has watched the shows of Colbert, Kimmel, and Meyers lately, knows that there is very little humor in them anymore.

Those so-called “comedians” have become so infected with Trump derangement syndrome that they have ditched comedy in favor of attacking the president in increasingly deranged ways.

Millions of Americans who can still remember the days when late night was politically neutral (and actually funny) have been waiting for someone to take the Trump-bashing out of late night for years.

That’s why we would not be shocked if Spade ends up obliterating his Trump-hating counterparts in the ratings when his show premieres.

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