Beth Chapman of “Dog The Bounty Hunter” fame just made the surprising announcement to her fans that she was banned from Facebook this week as her battle with “incurable” throat cancer continues.

“Guys I’m in Facebook jail twitter jail ig [Instagram] jail you name im in it in #DogsMostWanted fashion please keep retweeting @wgnamerica posts about our new show and I’ll be back as soon as zuckerberg realizes I’m only in jail cause I’m poor I didn’t really call that #b**** out !” Beth tweeted on Monday, according to Survivor Net.

Though it is not clear exactly why Beth was banned, but it’s been speculated that it was because of a recent post in which she used the word “thug” to refer to the U.S. prison population.

The left has dubbed the word “thug” as “racist” in recent years, and Facebook has submitted to liberals by punishing those who use the word on their site. Fans immediately rushed to Beth’s defense, letting Facebook know that she is not racist at all.

“Hey Beth, a big shout out to you and your family! Me and my partner use [sic] to watch bounty hunter all the time and it was awesome. Your [sic] awesome and an inspiration to everyone. Lots of Respect and Love all the way from the Williams Family in Cornwall,” one fan commented, with another adding, “I don’t know why your in jail but you need to be bailed out so the Dog Pound has your back lol.. Retweet everyone the new show is coming!”

Their efforts appear to have paid off, as Beth has just been let out of “Facebook Jail” at the time of this writing. Since this comes as she continues to fight for her life against throat cancer, fans were worried that this Facebook ban would increase her stress at a time when that is the last thing she needs. We’re glad that Facebook has relented and let Beth back on their site!

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