WWE Not In Control Over Saudi Events, Dominik To Start Wrestling Soon?

How much control does the WWE have when it comes to Saudi Arabia deal? As per reports, not much! Also, will Rey Myserio's son be wrestling soon?

– While many within the WWE Universe may not approve of WWE’s on-going partnership with Saudi Arabi, which has seen the company conduct high-level events in this area a couple times a year as of late, it doesn’t seem the entire deal has been an easy one for the company.

Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer recently chimed in on the amount of control the WWE has when it comes to their contract with Saudi, and it seems they have very little. As many are aware, while an event was scheduled for this May that needed to be changed recently to June.

As Meltzer notes, the WWE is “not in control” when it comes to this partnership, rather Saudi is, and they really are making all the decisions when it comes to events and such. They made the decision to do an event on May 3rd, and Saudi Arabi changed its mind to June 7th; so, June the 7th it is.

The report also relayed that Saudi could very well change their decision about WWE events scheduled once again in the future. Is it all worth it for the WWE? Seems like the money made it worth it enough, as the partnership spans a decade long, and the WWE is clearly willing to change things whenever Saudi requests it.

– Most long-time fans remember little Dominik partaking in the “Who’s Your Daddy” storyline years ago with bio dad Rey Mysterio and the late and great Eddie Guerrero. The WWE Universe has seen a grown-up Dominik participate in segments as of late, even hoisting his father atop his shoulders this week after his huge win against Samoa Joe during this week’s Monday Night RAW.

But, will we see him jump into that squared circle anytime soon?

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter recently reported that there may be plans to introduce Dominik as a wrestler within the company and very soon. His recent appearances leading up to Wrestlemania and post the big event could be an angle forming so that Dominik can enter that WWE ring himself for some action. Only time will tell, but all the signs are pointing in this direction.

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