UFC 239: Thiago Santos Says Jon Jones’ Legacy is of a “Roider”, Champ Responds

Recently Thiago Santos said Jon Jones will always be remembered for his controversies, and "Bones" was quick to respond.

Tensions between Jon Jones and Thiago Santos had been pretty minimal leading up to their UFC 239 scrap. But, it looks like that’s changed…

Image Credit: UFC / YouTube

Santos has been tapped for a July 6th bout with the light-heavyweight champ, after winning four straight. Things had been pretty quiet on the trash talking front; however, apparently Santos recently said the following while talking to Combate (quote via MMA Mania):

“I’m not bothered by it (the controversy around Jones),” said Santos. “It’s karma, he’ll have to live with it. He will be remembered as a roider, a guy who drives while drunk. That’s his business. I have to be remembered for not doing those things. It’s his life. If that’s how he wants to live his life, that’s his problem. It doesn’t bother me. It’s like I said, you can’t argue about his talent inside the Octagon, but outside of it, unfortunately he’s not a good role model. That’s what I think.”

Well, not surprisingly, these comments got back to Jones, and clearly “Bones” didn’t care for them.

I’ve shown my opponent nothing but respect yet today’s headlines are of him talking shit. 95% of my opponents insult my personal life before the fight, 100% of them end up losing the fight. Who’s ready for July 6?

I don’t think he’s nervous, it’s just his way of winning some type of moral victory over me. It’s his insurance for when he loses, at least he’ll be known as a good guy.


Now it will be interesting to see if tensions continue to ratchet up from here. UFC 239 will be hosted by the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

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