Adam Driver is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood after appearing in movies like Star Wars and BlacKkKlansman. What many people don’t know about Driver is that he is a veteran, and he is now crediting his time in the military for his success in the entertainment industry.

Fox News reported that Driver is from a small town in Indiana, and he joined the U.S. Marines when he was only 17 years-old after the September 11 terrorist attacks. In a new interview, he said that it was his service in the military that gave him the confidence and courage that he needed to be a successful actor.

“It didn’t seem like a realistic job where I was from, and there wasn’t really a lot of opportunities,” said Driver. “But the military kind of stripped you away from – I think, even if it is an illusion – being scared of the civilian world.”

Driver served for three years before he was discharged with an injury, and though he never had the chance to be deployed, the time he served still had a major impact on him. He said that serving in the military lowered his inhibitions, which made auditioning for roles a lot easier for him.

“You have that kind of like survival mentality in the military,” he explained. “It gives you a lot of confidence going back out into the world.”

Though he is now a hugely successful A-list star, Driver has never forgotten his military roots. Immediately after he found success in acting, Driver started his charity Arts in the Armed Forces, which aims to provide “arts programming for active duty service members, veterans, as well as military support staff and their families.” One of the things that he wants to change is the public perception that members of the military have no understanding of theater.

“If anything, theater in New York can get a little bit like recycled air,” Driver said. “And it’s amazing how much you take it outside of New York, the language becomes a weapon in a way to different communities. [Theater] can help you articulate a feeling in a way that you didn’t have the language for before. And what better community to share that with than the military?”

In the leftwing world of Hollywood, it’s rare to find an actor who praises members of the military publicly. That’s what makes what Driver is doing so refreshing! God bless you, Adam Driver, and thank you for your service!

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