It’s been nearly one year since Roseanne Barr was blacklisted by Hollywood for an offensive tweet that she posted about Barack Obama’s former advisor Valerie Jarrett, and the conservative star has still not been forgiven. Now, Barr’s son has come forward to slam Hollywood for giving Guardians of The Galaxy director James Gunn a free pass for his past tweets about pedophilia while still not forgiving his mother.

Barr’s son Jake Pentland just publicly read Gunn’s past tweet to question why ABC has forgiven the director while still blacklisting his mother. Here’s what he had to say:

Hi I’m Jake Pentland. I’m Roseanne’s son and I asked my mother if I could steal her YouTube page for a few minutes and just say a few words. You know this has been a really trying year since her tweet got her fired and you know I’ve watched her apologize time and time again and I guess I just got sick of her apologizing and felt like somebody should say a few things about it other than her and that’s why I’m here.

So you know I don’t want to get into the tweet it doesn’t matter to me the point is she made a mistake. And she apologized and she should be forgiven and she hasn’t been up to this point. It’s been a year, still, not working, still has not been hired back. She had to sign away the show. I mean that the punishment she faced for this one tweet it’s unprecedented. Why is she not forgiven? What did she do that was so bad? Because if you’re gonna tell me ‘oh she has a history of offensive tweets and that’s why Disney and ABC let her go’ well James Gunn was just rehired — as I said by Disney.

The pedophilic tweets are too disturbing to type here, so we’ll leave them out but you can see the video here. Pentland went on to specifically slam Hollywood for forgiving Gunn but continuing to blacklist his mother.

“I don’t understand, whatever you want to call it this push to destroy my mother — because it’s been a year now, I’ve watched it for a year — is sickening, it’s gross, and we all see it. I don’t know … James Gunn got fired and they were like okay maybe they’re fairness in this town and now he’s back at Disney, so we’re left scratching our heads again like ‘okay I don’t know what it is. I don’t know what it is.’ And I really want to know that’s why I’m here.”

I want to know why they are actively trying to ruin my mother at an unprecedented level. For anybody in this town; there are people that have sexual assaults on their records that were forgiven in this town. There’s only one person that wasn’t forgiven and that’s my mother. And if you want to say that one weird tweet in the middle of the night that was taken purposely out of context is justification for stealing this woman’s life work, her art, a show that she created based off her life, her friends turned their backs on her — they didn’t just turn the back, they spun around one more time and stabbed her — and if you think that this punishment is justified, then you scare  the hell out of me.

I don’t understand. I don’t understand what it is. I just want to know why I want to know why everybody else in this town, including James Gunn, is forgiven. Why not her.”

The fact that someone like Gunn was forgiven after he posted tweets promoting pedophilia yet Barr continues to be blacklisted, shows once and for all just how hypocritical Hollywood really is. The true reason behind this is that Gunn is a liberal who regularly speaks out against Donald Trump while Barr is a conservative who is unafraid to publicly support the president.

Instead of trying to divide us in the way that Democrats are, Barr was trying to bring us all together when she brought back her sitcom “Roseanne.” This made her a huge threat to the left, which is why Hollywood silenced her as soon as she slipped up in the slightest way. If Barr was a liberal, she would have been forgiven a long time ago just as Gunn was. Since she is a conservative, however, Hollywood will likely continue blacklisting her for as long as she lives.

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