Earlier this week, we reported that a rift had formed between Prince William and his younger brother Prince Harry over the latter’s wife Meghan Markle. Now, the origins behind this feud have been revealed, with sources saying it stems from a warning William gave Harry about Meghan before their wedding last May.

“I’m told from very reliable sources that the relationship has gone through challenging times since Harry started dating Meghan,” said royal expert Kate Nicholl, according to Fox News. “I’m told that privately William was concerned about how quickly the relationship had moved.”

Nicholls, author of the book “Harry and Meghan: Life, Loss, and Love,” went on to say that Harry did not take William’s warning about his relationship with Meghan well.

“William wanted to make sure that Harry was making the right decision,” continued Nicholl. “And I think what was intended as well-meaning, brotherly concern and a bit of advice went down quite badly with Harry, who felt that William wasn’t being as supportive as he might’ve been. So there has certainly been tensions between the brothers.”

Nicholl added that through this feud, William’s love for Harry has never wavered.

“William is very protective of Harry,” she explained. “He loves Harry. There has always been an unbreakable brotherly bond… I’m not sure the relationship is what it used to be. But relationships evolve over time and I think theirs was always going to change when Harry married.”

Nicholl also has hope that things will improve between the brothers in the future, now that they are both not living at Kensington Palace.

“Moving forward, with the benefit of not living on top of each other at Kensington Palace and with the infrastructure of having their own household, I think the relationship will go from strength to strength from now on,” Nicholl said. “I hope so because they’re not just two of the world’s most popular princes, they’re two of the world’s favorite brothers.”

William and Harry truly are two of the most beloved brothers in the world, so it’s a shame to see them not getting along. This serves as a reminder that while the British royal family is extraordinary, they are also a normal family who has internal issues just like any other family in the world. Hopefully, William and Harry can put their differences aside and will soon return to being the close dynamic duo that we know and love.

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