Possible New Movie Role For John Cena + Corey Graves Relationship Update

Might John Cena be landing yet another major movie role? Plus Corey Graves opens up on whether he cheated on his wife with Carmella

John Cena used to be critical of part-time WWE Superstars like The Rock. Specifically, he used to poke fun at how Rock would star in major movies, only to sporadically show up in a WWE ring.

Now, more and more, John Cena has become that which he used to make fun of. He has been in numerous major motion pictures over the last few years. Also, earlier this month, he fully mimicked a part-time WWE Superstar by having a brief and not otherwise hyped appearance during WrestleMania.

Now, we are hearing that Cena may be really going all out to follow in The Rock’s footsteps.

Per a report on Wrestling Observer Radio, John Cena might be getting set for a role in the mega movie franchise Fast And Furious.  The same franchise which, several years ago, brought in The Rock.

This could get interesting.

Per the Observer report, some actors might be unhappy with The Rock. There are older rumblings that Rock and franchise mainstay Vin Diesel have issues. Now, it’s possible other actors are unhappy too. Apparently, before going with Hobbs and Shaw (coming this Summer, headlined by The Rock), plans were for another Fast and Furious film to hit in 2019.

No word on if the franchise merely wants to add Cena and keep Johnson, or if a possible addition of Cena is a move to replace Johnson…or if Cena is even getting a role at all.

It does look like the two might be taking their in ring rivalry to Hollywood, however.

-Recently, Corey Graves had some major private business become very public.

Graves’ then-wife put the announcer on blast via social media, basically insinuating that Graves was cheating on her with Superstar Carmella.

Graves spoke to Chasing Glory to clear the air.

The announcer said he had already been split from his wife and on the way to a divorce, and that the train wreck that we witnessed on social media was not really accurate.

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