Damn, It’s True: Conor McGregor Is A Complete Fraud

The former UFC champion appears to be using someone else to run his social media account, taking that personal fan interaction away.

From both a professional and personal standpoint, Conor McGregor has been nothing but great for mixed martial arts and combat sports in general.

The former UFC champion has been involved in some of the biggest feuds and most-watched matches the sport has produced, and with that, generated great views and clicks for MMA sites like our very own.

But sadly, McGregor has become a fraud – at least in regards to his own personal and verified Twitter account.

You see, there used to be a time when it appeared – at least, very likely – that none other than “Notorious” himself was actually updating his Twitter page with personal information, comments towards other fights, celebrities and whoever he wanted.

There was a sense of personal interaction when McGregor responded to fight fans, and sometimes, we still get that from the social media juggernaut.

But not as much as we used to.

Instead, the page appears to be run by either management or someone trained to help promote McGregor through Twitter, as the posts have changed perspective. Let’s take a look back at this past Saturday night both before and immediately after UFC 236 completed and Dustin Poirier had claimed the interim UFC lightweight title with a decision victory over Max Holloway:

Now, there is some parts to the message that would appear to be McGregor-like, but for the most part, it just doesn’t give off that vibe. Especially the one promoting the UFC debuting on ESPN+ for pay-per-view events.

We’ve received more and more tweets from McGregor compared to before, and trying to figure out which ones are “real” and from the fighter himself are becoming tougher and tougher to find.

It’s sad because Twitter was one easy way for fighters – and all athletes, musicians, celebrities – to interact with fans on a personal basis. Do they need to respond to everyone? Of course not, but there was nothing wrong with enjoying the thrills of social media.

Damn, It’s True is a weekly column posted at The Mix on FightLine by MMA reporter Dana Becker. He may be reached on Twitter @DanaBecker.

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