Cher Launches Most Bizarre Attack On Trump Yet – Urges Dems To Take Action Against His ‘Third Reich’

Ever since Donald Trump took office, Cher has found herself afflicted with Trump derangement syndrome even more than the average radically leftwing Hollywood star. Over the past few years, Cher has become known for her bizarre nonsensical attacks against Trump on Twitter, and she just hit him with one of her strangest ones yet.

Cher took to Twitter early Wednesday morning to call on Democrats to “fight fire with fire” when it comes to dealing with Trump’s “third reich,” who she claims are “liars and criminals” trying to “deconstruct our government and country.”

As you can see, spelling and grammar are not Cher’s strong suits.

Hours later, Cher took to Twitter once again to get even more dramatic in her attacks on the president, ranting about the “Armageddon” that is coming because of Trump’s appointees. Yes, Cher’s Trump derangement syndrome has actually progressed to the point where she really believes his presidency is the end of the world.

At this point, Cher is completely embarrassing herself with these disturbing tweets. She clearly knows nothing about politics and has lost all touch with the realities of the world. It’s sad that she has let her vile hatred of Trump consume her in such a despicable and public way. I would suggest that Cher takes an indefinite break from Twitter and instead sticks to what she knows, which is singing. Leave the politics to those of us who were blessed with brains, Cher.

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