Keanu Reeves is known for playing a hero in various action movies like Speed and The Matrix, but he just became a real-life hero when he took action during an emergency landing of a flight that he was onboard.

Fox News reported that Reeves was a passenger on a United flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles last Saturday when the pilots announced that they would need to make an emergency landing in Bakersfield, California. Without hesitating, Reeves took the lead in helping his fellow passengers figure out how they could travel the 100 miles from Bakersfield to Los Angeles.

Various passengers recorded Reeves’ efforts and posted the footage to social media, where the videos quickly went viral.

Reeves ended up getting the passengers set up with a bus to take them to Los Angeles. Many fans got a big kick out of this, as one of Reeves best-known roles has him navigating the streets of Los Angeles in a bus with Sandra Bullock in Speed.

Throughout the entire ordeal, Reeves remained kind and courteous to everyone around him while he made arrangements for his fellow passengers.

As a Hollywood A-lister, Reeves easily could have set up VIP transportation for himself to get him to L.A., but instead, he remained with his fellow passengers and took the bus with them. His attitude is a refreshing one in Hollywood, where many stars quickly get big heads and start treating those around them terribly. We’re glad to see that Reeves not only plays a hero on screen but can also be one in real life!