Hulk Hogan Confirmed For Wrestlemania 35, NXT UK Superstar Injured

Hulk Hogan Confirmed For Wrestlemania 35, NXT UK Superstar Injured. The Hulkster will be this year's Wrestlemania, his first time since WM 31.

– According to PW Insider, Hulk Hogan seems to be confirmed for this year’s Wrestlemania 35. This will mark the first time HH has appeared on the Grandest Stage of Them All in four years, since WM 31, where he participated in the HHH versus Sting match, coming out to the ring with the nWo faction. The angle created a huge nostalgic feel, as they faced off against members of DX, who interfered in the match to help out Triple H. It was a cool WWE versus WCW ‘Mania moment most fans haven’t forgotten.

While the role the Hulkster will play at Wrestlemania 35 is unclear as of yet, it should create a lot of stir on social media once his entrance theme music hits. As Hogan was part of the very first Wrestlemania ever back in 1985, his presence at the event is quite significant.

The WWE Universe can negate any hosting possibilities, as this role has been given to Alexa Bliss, with Carmella and R-Truth adding the assist on the SmackDown LIVE side of things.

– Fans of WWE’s NXT UK might be sad to hear that former women’s champion for the brand, Rhea Ripley, is currently out of action, due to an injury. According to Squared Circle Sirens, she’s dealing with a foot issue; however, it doesn’t seem to be too serious, so it isn’t anticipated that she’ll miss too much in-ring action. Apparently, the injury is a linger one, so here’s hoping she’ll be healed up in time for this year’s Wrestlemania. After all, the women’s battle royal is in need of superstars, and Ripley is the perfect candidate to create some incredible spots for the match. Rhea recently posted a photo on social media where she is donning walking boot on one foot, and it is very noticeable that she’s clearly struggling with something.

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