Dear WWE Creative, Kurt Angle Vs. Baron Corbin Very Anticlimactic

Dear WWE Creative, Kurt Angle Vs. Baron Corbin Very Anticlimactic. With Wrestlemania 35 being Kurt Angle's final match, Baron Corbin as an opponent is odd.

Dear WWE Creative,

Another week has gone by in WWE television, inching us that much closer to Wrestlemania 35. More matches have been booked for the Grandest Stage of Them All, some that are wowing the WWE Universe, and some that are leaving fans scratching their heads.

Along the Road to Wrestlemania, WWE audiences also happen to be witnessing Kurt Angle’s “farewell tour” of sorts, as the WWE Hall of Famer officially announced that Wrestlemania 35 would be his last match during the March 11 edition of Monday Night RAW.

And so the speculation began.

Who would be Kurt Angle’s final opponent? Could it be The Undertaker? Shelton Benjamin? Jeff Jarrett? Or the most logical choice for a match of this calibre, John Cena!?

Actually, none of the above, as Angle relayed this week on RAW that Baron Corbin would his final opponent, for his very last WWE match, at Wrestlemania 35.

Makes sense? Sort of, I guess. Anticlimactic? Very.

I liked Lone Wolfe Corbin, and haven’t been a huge fan of Corporate Corbin at all. Having said that, its not Baron’s gimmick that has this match feeling very average. It’s that first and foremost, the program has no real anchor in the sense that everyone on the roster could point a finger to having an issue with Baron. Creatively speaking, Baron should’ve attacked Angle first, or done something to him, to spark the WM challenge. It came out of the blue, and I think fans were expecting more, or a wrestler with more gloss. Angle was supposed to announce something huge, and Baron Corbin just doesn’t fit that bill.

Which is a shame, as this match marks the end of an era for Kurt Angle and his fans. Since his return to the WWE last year, many have wanted to see Angle end his in-ring career with the company he started with. When he left the WWE for greener pastures in 2006, and he experienced a tremendous level of success with other wrestling promotions, moreover Impact, but also New Japan Pro, Lucha Libre, and he did the Indies circuit.

Having said that, it was a special moment in 2017, at the WWE Hall of Fame, when Kurt Angle finally came home to the place where he started his professional wrestling career; where he became WWE champion multiple times over and achieved Triple Crown and Grand Slam Champion status, achieving pretty much every milestone the WWE had to offer; where he became a house hold name.

And the WWE Universe was quite anxious to see Kurt Angle climb through those ropes and back into the squared circle. We got a bit of that during his stint as RAW’s General Manager from 2017, with some highlights being a honorary Shield member during that year’s Tables, Ladders, and Chairs pay-per-view as well as partnering up with Ronda Rousey for her debut WWE match at Wrestlemania 34; having said that we’ve also seen lowlights that the HOFer didn’t deserve, like tapping out to his own Angle Lock at the hands of Drew McIntyre on the November 8th edition of RAW.

Maybe John Cena’s too busy with a movie career to properly invest the time needed for a proper Angle WM match; maybe the Undertaker just doesn’t want to wrestle; maybe things will get switched up at the umpteenth hour; maybe this program will get a little more interesting over the next couple week and keep me invested; maybe the idea is for Angle to smash Corbin, so offering up any other talent could hurt their push at this point in time.


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Regardless, I can’t shake the feeling that Kurt Angle deserves more for his final WWE match. Wrestlemania demands more.




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