– The entire WWE Universe was shocked to learn recently that after 18 years with the company, a creative mind and backstage producer, WWE Hall of Famer, and Four Horseman member Arn Anderson was fired. While there has been speculation about bad blood between AA and Vince McMahon in the past, according to a Wrestling Inc. report, the real reason behind his release was that Anderson allowed Alicia Fox to wrestle at a house show after she showed up intoxicated.


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Anderson was the agent for Fox’s match, and took the fall for the entire situation. VKM was clearly not happy about the situation, and because AA gave her the go ahead to wrestle in her live event match, he was canned. After all, the bad judgement call not only put Fox at risk, but her fellow colleagues in the bout.

Alicia Fox hasn’t been at RAW the past couple of weeks, and hasn’t appeared at a live event since February 10th, where she had a wardrobe mishap during a six-woman bout.

– Sadly, Alicia Fox may have an issue around drinking, and now Fightful is reporting that the WWE offered the superstar rehab, but she rejected it and has gone AWOL. It’s seems that company employees aren’t sure of her whereabouts or if she ended up at rehab. Reports seem to point to the fact that Foxy is on “thin ice” with the company, due to multiple incidents in the past. There was last year during Wrestlemania weekend when she was caught on video verbally attacking Travis Browne, Ronda Rousey’s husband; as well as in 2017, when she apparently showed up to an event two hours late, all during a time she was supposed to get a push.

Now this intoxication incident resulting in AA’s firing could be the final straw that breaks the camel’s back for Alicia and the WWE, unless she gets some help.

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